How FS Security Gateway Helps to Optimize Network Performance

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A security gateway is a network security service commonly utilized in enterprise networks. Sitting between users and the Internet, security gateway not only improves the cyber security and protects the entire enterprise network but also directly influences the network performance. How will FS multi-service security gateway SG-5110 bring advantages to the whole enterprise network performance?

Smart Routing for Network Traffic Quality Improvement

With the continuous development of enterprise businesses, multiple paths are generally configured at the edge of enterprise networks with the hope to increase the stability and reliability of access data. When the edge device overlooks the performance difference of these multiple paths while forwarding traffic, it will result in an array of problems. In terms of this issue, FS security gateway SG-5110 delivers a solution.

There are multiple methods that FS security gateway takes to classify network traffic. Apart from the traditional 5-tuple (source IP, source port, destination IP, destination port, protocol type) hash to identify traffic flows or classification by the URL, SG-5110 integrates Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and Deep Flow Inspection (DFI), which help precisely detect the packet and traffic characteristics entering the gateway.

Based on these traffic classification approaches, FS security gateway improves the network traffic quality with a smart routing feature. This feature is composed of three strategies, which help to optimize enterprise network traffic for different scenarios. According to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) classes, security gateway helps to choose the available best path for business-critical traffic so as to avoid the optimized paths being occupied by the lower priority traffic. For example, in enterprises, video conferences and system backup requiring high-quality data delivery will be given the best path to gain the maximum benefits. For those applications in need of high throughput, the traffic will be moved to the link with the highest bandwidth.

For some sensitive enterprise application data that have high requirements on the link quality, the static routing method is not appropriate. Therefore multiple paths are constituted as one. When one link is down or detected as low quality, the transfer path will automatically switch to another path, thus ensuring the optimized experience.

While for those applications with less importance, load balancing routing can be utilized to choose a path, which enables the full usage of the bandwidth of every path in case that only one path is fully loaded.

With the smart routing feature, FS enterprise gateway SG-5110 solves the problem of coping with traffic distribution in multiple services and applications, ensuring critical businesses in enterprises to run at a priority level.

WAN Optimization for Efficient Application Performance

Today’s employees work from any location at any time: enterprise headquarters, branches, at home, or while traveling. For enterprise productivity, it is required that each employee should be able to access enterprise business access with the best experience no matter where they are. How to keep the online work smooth constantly while data connections are across remote distance? FS security gateway introduces the WAN optimization strategy as the solution for increasing the transfer efficiency for wide-area networks.

Deploying an FS security gateway not only helps to avoid malware threats and unauthorized access to the enterprise headquarter but also improves performance when accessing data over the WAN link. Security gateway SG-5110 deployed at the edge of the central enterprise network employs Persistent Lempel-Ziv (LZ) compression to reduce bandwidth consumption. Packages are compressed on the link, which achieves 3× improvement on the bandwidth utilization. It improves the transfer speed for applications between the enterprise headquarters to branches or other remote places to the maximum extent. Even remote workers can access the centralized storage, application infrastructure like in LAN environments.

Except for the improvement over transfer time, deployment of SG-5110 enterprise gateway enables data transfer with higher quality. For some occasions when there is high packet loss in a connection, the implementation of redundant encoding on streams and error-correcting gateway at the branches will recover the lost packet, which ensures the quality of critical services and improves users’ experience.

Access Control Feature for Wireless Enterprise Network Management

Enterprises today grow more dependent upon wireless networks. A smooth and stable wireless network is essential to the success of enterprises’ business. Effective management of the wireless networks requires a simple and robust network management system, while FS multi-service security gateway SG-5110 provides enterprises with access control features for better management. For businesses with a small number of access points, the security gateway is able to perform as the wireless LAN controller and take control of the access points without the need to configure individual APs. Beyond that, it is an advantage to identify access equipment and block unauthorized one, which will save enterprise IT staff a great time.

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