How FS Transceiver Tests Make Your Connection Effortless

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As important equipment for network transmission, optical transceiver has great influence on network performance like signal transmission distance and reliability. Quality claims are easy to make, but very few vendors can keep the promise. However, FS makes it. FS transceivers have been highly praised by our customers and influencers in the industry.

"So these are all the server end transceivers that we're gonna be using. These are 25 gigabit from FS.com. Massive shout-out to those guys. Great compatibility, great performance, and did I mention the price? Freaking awesome." - Linus Tech Tips

How FS Transceiver Key Tests Make Your Connection Effortless

FS Transceiver 100% Full Test Process

According to studies, transceiver quality issues most frequently found are related to reliability, stability, and interoperability. Each issue may cause network delays and system reboots, wasting you critical time and costs.

FS always attaches great significance to the quality of optical transceiver to make your network connection effortless. We have invested in a test center (about 30,000 square meters) with various world-class testing equipment. What's more, we have designed a rigorous testing process. Every transceiver module must pass all the tests before reaching you. Though it may take more time and costs, fairly stable performance is the priority of FS. You can find the test steps of FS transceiver in the following figure.

FAQs About FS Transceiver Key Tests

Q: What test does FS do to keep low power consumption for data center?

A: It's said that in 2030, data center electricity will take up 3~13% of the global amount, since global data center construction is developing so rapidly with continuous growing bandwidth. Transceivers, as one of the critical data transmission equipment in data centers, due to the large quantity, can cause lots of power consumption, especially those high data rate transceivers. So, it's necessary to keep low power consumption for data center transceivers.

To provide you more stable and energy saving data center transceivers, FS has constructed automated optical performance parameter tests such as eye diagrams, current, and voltage.

Figure 3: Eye Pattern Test - Mask Margin >20%

Q: What test does FS do to meet 5G network application requirements?

A: For 5G fronthaul transceiver, it's required that the operation temperature must support from -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) as it's applied in the outside harsh environment. At the same time, it must possess features like low latency and high speed.

Thus FS applies temperature tests to guarantee our 5G industrial transceivers performance between -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) and traffic tests for low latency with a high data rate.

Q: How does FS test ensure long distance transmission for WDM network?

A: WDM transceivers are designed for high capacity and long distance transmission. When you buy a WDM transceiver which can support 80km transmission distance, you may find it can't support the distance as it's said once you build the connection. As it may be influenced by dispersion and nonlinear effects.

To make sure our WDM transceivers can support long enough transmission distance, FS can detect the side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) and extinction ratio for high receiving sensitivity and low transmission loss via Anritsu MS9740A spectrum analyzer.

Figure 4:Optical Spectrum Test - No Packet Loss & Wavelength Concentrated

Q: How does FS test for interoperability?

A: There are always different brands of equipment in a network system, which may cause incompatibility issues as not every supplier can ensure its optics 100% compatible. To guarantee interoperability, each FS transceiver module must be individually tested for compatibility in our world-class test lab with the latest networking equipment (over 200 network systems). You can click here to check FS test bed.

FS Transceiver Quality Commitment

FS is always seeking solid and reliable steps to strengthen our abilities to provide high performance networking products and solutions. In the future ahead, FS will make every effort to continue delivering the best-in-class optical transceivers to ensure you a seamless connection with no downtime.

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