Introduction of FS Main Copper Tools

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Since a single wrong connection in a network cabling installation can bring down an entire network, proper tools, and skills are required to correctly prepare and connect copper wiring to a structured Ethernet cabling system. This article helps you better know the copper tools including network tool kits, punch down tools, and cable strippers, which are essential for network cabling connectivity.

Punch Down Tools for Wiring Terminations

A punch down tool, or a Krone tool (named after the Krone LSA-PLUS connector), is a small hand tool used by telecommunication and network technicians. FS provides three types of RJ45 punch down tools:

  • 110 punch down tool has a multi-function built-in hook and spudger for removing wires from any style block and the cross-connect module from the mounting bracket. Enabling diverse punch down demands like Cat5e/6/6a/7/8 networking cables, it is ideal for one-step terminations of 110-style connecting block IDC's.

  • 180 degree punch down tool, features an alloyed steel cutting head, handle design, and lock design for quick and easy installations, and can punch down and trim all 4 pairs with just one crimp, suitable for standard 180 degree cat5e/6/6a (Unshielded) UTP keystone jack modules with a good crimping effect and can be completed by pressing once.

  • The New launched Pro'sKit® krone punch down tool, with a specially-made tool head for durability, spring-loaded for fast, low-effort seating and terminating, and built-in swing-out hook and spudger to help manipulate wires and small components, is a good choice for connecting cables, modules, and distribution frames.


For more detailed information about Ethernet punch down tools: Punch Down Tools for Network Cabling | FS Community.

Cable Strippers for Cable Jackets' Removing

A cable stripper is a pair of opposing blades much like scissors or wire cutters, used to remove the protective outer jacket around network cables in preparation for the installation of plugs or keystone jacks. There are diverse copper wire stripping tools provided by FS to help you speed up the process of performing fiber network maintenance work and avoid excessive network downtime, ideal for different situations such as network lines, surveillance systems, home DIY, telecom installations, and so on.

For example, the all-in-one RJ45 stripping tool, with a dovetail clip for crimping conventional crystal heads and a blade made of C68 steel for sharpness and durability, is used for cables that can crimp, strip, and cut the wire skins of 6P and 8P modular plugs with excellent performance and quick and easy installations.

Cable Strippers Remove Cable Jackets

Network Tool Kits for Simple Connectivity

Network tool kits are designed for technicians who perform basic Ethernet copper cabling installation, repair, and maintenance. Usually, it contains ten or more different installation tools like cable testers, crimpers, wire strippers, connectors, etc. in a portable bag that can be carried easily and used in various places, such as home, office, or other daily spaces. FS provides two types of network tool kits: 12-in-1 and Pro'sKit® 15-in-1 network installation tool kit. Armed with Ethernet cable tool kits, users can quickly and conveniently install computer and network adapters as well as repair network cables and test networks.

When choosing an Ethernet cable tool kit, the material of the carrying case or bag should be sufficiently durable and can prevent the tools from falling off during travel, several multi-functionality tools should be contained, and an indication of high quality such as ISO certifications, all of which should be considered.


Copper tools are usually applied to data centers or telecom network cabling installation in computers, phones, and audio devices. Network tool kits, punch down tools, and cable strippers can greatly accelerate the working efficiency and reduce the task difficulty. It is also important for technicians to use them in daily applications.

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