It's Time to Use MTP Cassettes in Your Network!
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It’s Time to Use MTP Cassettes in Your Network!

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MTP cassettes are used to break out the 12-fiber MTP connectors terminated on trunk cables into simplex- or duplex-style connectors. Simplex- and duplex-style jumpers can then be used to patch into transceiver terminal equipment ports, patch panels or client ports. The cassette features simplex or duplex port adapters across the front and one or two MTP connector adapters across the back. A factory-installed and tested optical fiber assembly inside the module connects the front adapters to the back MTP connector adapter (shown in the figure below). Alignment pins are pre-installed in the MTP connector located inside the cassette.

MTP Cassettes

Fast and Simple Installation

Using MTP cassettes provides adaptability for the changing data center environment. Facing technology refresh frequencies of 12-18 months, Plug & Play MTP cassettes used in the data center offer a great advantage. When connector requirements change in the future, simply swap the cassettes whilst leaving the existing backbone infrastructure intact. 12-fiber MTP to LC and 24-fiber MTP to LC cassettes provide a quick and efficient way to deploy up to 12 LC or 24 LC fiber ports in a single module respectively. MTP to LC cassettes are a quick and efficient way of deploying MTP connector breakout. Following are four application scenes for MTP to LC cassettes.

Scene One: Equipment cross-connect

Equipment cross-connect

Why use MTP-LC cassettes with MTP trunk cables?
Linking specific network changes to specific business requirements is becoming ever more important. With MTP cassettes and MTP trunk solutions, it is possible to add the exact fiber requirement with no excess fiber installed. And because the installation is so quick and easy, the additional fiber links can be added at a time that suits the demands of your business.

Scene Two: Equipment to equipment

Equipment to fanout option

Scene Three: Equipment inter-connect (LC to LC)

Equipment inter-connect (LC to LC)

Scene Four: Equipment inter-connect (LC to MTP)

Equipment inter-connect (LC to MTP)

Space-Saving and Efficient Management

Switch equipment manufacturers are continuing to increase the fiber port density in their switches and this is driving the need to be able to increase the number of fibers per 1U in fiber management products. With up to 24 fibers in each cassette we can achieve 72 fibers in 1U or 288 fibers in 4U. As shown in the picture below, 1U MTP patch panel can accommodate up to three MTP cassettes, giving a high connectivity of 72 fiber terminations in it. 4U MTP patch panel can accommodate up to 12 MTP cassettes, resulting in a maximum of 288 terminations per panel. With the ability to use a full array of adapter types offering a flexible solution to the end user, enabling them to incorporate a multi functional panel which allow easy access during installation or re-work with no disturbance of the existing cable or fibers.

MTP Cassettes Management

FS.COM MTP Cassettes Solutions

FS P/N Description
FS12OM4-LGX-2MTP-LC 12 Fibers OM4 MTP-LC Cassette
FS24OM4-LGX-2MPO-LC 24 Fibers OM4 MTP-LC Cassette
FS-4RU-MX 4U 12 Slot MTP Cassette Patch Panel

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