FS July 2021 Product Updates

Updated on Oct 12, 2021

Welcome to FS monthly Product Update! Starting this month, we are going to bring monthly updates including product improvement, new releases, and other latest news to FS community. Continue reading about what's new.

Conference Cameras and Webcams for Video Conferencing

At the very beginning of July, we launched a set of video conferencing solutions for team collaboration and personal use no matter you are the one back to the office or who is still working at home.

Long-Reach Transceiver Promotion: Buy One and Get One Free Testing Cable

Since July, we have been introducing the "Buy One and Get Free" activity. Once your order includes 40km-and-80km distance optical transceivers, you will have the chance to get a free pcs of testing cable.

Note: This activity is only available from FS U.S. and E.U. warehouses. While stocks last.

Contact your Account Manager if you have further questions.

FVFL Mini Visual Fault Locator With Safety Design

The FVFL series Mini visual fault locators include three models respectively able to detect up to 12km, 14.2km and 15km-long fiber. The featured specification of this fault locator is the secure key design. Only by following the three steps can the fault locators be started up, which minimizes the hazards caused by pressing by mistake.

2.5dB Low Insertion Loss 18CH CWDM Mux/Demux

The latest 18ch CWDM Mux/Demux based on free space technology is the upgrade version of the CWDM Mux/Demux #33489. The insertion loss is relatively lower than most of the other 18ch CWDM multiplexer in the market now. The new 2.5dB will help to reduce the loss of the whole link and the cost.

400G QSFP-DD ER8 Transceiver for up to 40km Link Length

400G QSFP-DD ER8 modules compatible with Dell, Cisco, and Juniper devices are available at FS.com now. The new QSFP-DD ER8 transceivers are designed to facilitate highly efficient 400G long-distance deployment in data centers.

We'll be back next month with another update. Have a great month.

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