FS Launches Fs.com/it for Better Online Shopping Experience in Italy

Updated on Mar 26, 2022

December 14th, FS News - FS announces the launch of the brand-new localized FS website www.fs.com/it, which is designed to offer Italian customers easier access to highly efficient network solutions and more intimate services.

In recent years, FS has seen a huge growth in the Italian user base and their specific demands for network deployments. Thus to serve local customers more effectively, FS takes immediate action to start an Italian website operation, living up to its global business strategies.

As an important part of the strategy, this new website fully portrays how FS drives high-speed communication through its intelligent digital platform and excellent user experience. It features intuitive navigation to enable Italian customers to quickly find the products and solutions they need in their native language and easily access technical support and services backed by a local team. Other one-stop services are also available covering local express delivery, payment methods, sales tax, etc. and valuable insights and updates from the community.

This Italian website opens a new window to deliver who FS is, what it does, and the value it can bring to its partners, customers, and the industry. FS believes language differences should no longer be a barrier to quality network solutions and efficient services. That’s what customers can truly benefit from and where FS commitment to make networks simple lies in.

FS has elevated user experience to an unprecedented height with “Customer First” always at its heart. In the future, FS will continue to strengthen its resolve on global business strategy and native operation with the aspiration to bring the best services to customers worldwide.

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