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Fiber Cabling / Fiber Termination / LC Fiber Connector, Adapter and Cable Assemblies

LC Fiber Connector, Adapter and Cable Assemblies

Posted on By FS.COM

LC fiber connectors, as the most well-known representative of SFF(Small Form Factor) connector, are widely adopted in today’s LAN and data center cabling. LC connector, LC fiber adapter and cable assemblies meet the growing demand for small form factor, high-density fiber optic connectivity with simplex, duplex, single mode and multimode options. In this blog, we are going to explore the world of LC solutions.

LC Fiber Connector Types

Standard LC Connector

Standard LC connector was firstly licensed by Lucent Technologies and incorporated a push-and-latch design providing pull-proof stability in system rack mounts. Externally LC fiber connector with a retaining tab mechanism resembles a standard RJ45 telephone jack. Internally LC connector resembles a miniature version of the SC connector. LC fiber connectors use a 1.25mm ceramic (zirconia) ferrule. LC simplex and duplex connector is highly favored for single mode applications.

Besides the standard LC connectors, there are mini-LC duplex connectors, uniboot LC connectors, LC HD connectors, keyed LC connectors that are developed to meet the various application requirements.

Mini-LC Duplex Connectors

Mini-LC duplex connector has a reduced centerline pitch of 5.25mm instead of a standard LC pitch of 6.25mm. Mini-LC fiber connectors minimize the footprint and offer higher-density port mount for data center network equipment, which are perfect match for mini SFP(mSFP) optical transceivers. The black color duplex latch clips and boots in mini-LC duplex connector (seen in the below picture) are used to distinguish from standard LC duplex connectors.

mini LC fiber connector

LC-HD Duplex High Density Connectors

LC-HD duplex high density connectors, as the name implies, are specially designed for high-density cabling applications. Together with a flexible “pull-tab” or “push-pull tab”, LC-HD duplex connectors can be easily disengaged from densely loaded patch panels without using the special tools. Thus, in high-density fiber cabling, LC-HD duplex connectors allow users smooth and easy accessibility in tight areas and avoid fiber loss from manual operation.

uniboot-HD-LC connector

Note: Some types of LC-HD duplex connectors combine the advantages of uniboot, are more suitable to high-density cabling applications.

LC Fiber Optic Adapters & Fiber Attenuators

Fiber optic adapters, or fiber couplers are designed to connect two optic cables together. The optical fiber adapter can be inserted into different fiber connectors types at both ends to realize the conversion between interfaces such as FC, SC, ST, LC, MTRJ, MPO and LSH. LC fiber adapter features a self-adjusting mechanism designed to accommodate patch panels of thickness between 1.55 to 1.75 mm. It is available in single mode, multimode, simplex and duplex options. LC simplex adapter connects one LC connector pair in one module space. While LC duplex adapter connects two LC connector pairs in one module space.

LC fiber attenuators is another commonly used LC-related devices. An LC optical attenuator is a passive device used to reduce the power level of an optical signal in optical network where erbium doped amplifiers are being used. There are fixed and varied fiber attenuators available in different fiber connectors types and attenuation level. LC 5dB fiber attenuator means this optical attenuator uses LC fiber connector and it can reduce the fiber power level by 5dB. For more detailed information about fiber attenuator, please visit: Guideline for Fixed Fiber Optic Attenuator

LC Fiber Patch Cable Solutions

Standard LC Fiber Patch Cable

LC LC fiber patch cable with two LC fiber connectors terminated at both ends, is the most commonly used fiber optic cable type in the industry. Compared with other fiber optic cables, LC fiber cables offer high density and reliable performance in most applications. Standard LC Fiber Patch Cables can be divided into single mode (OS2) and multimode (OM1/OM2/OM3/OM4), duplex and simplex fiber cable types.


Uniboot LC Fiber Patch Cord

To cope with the “high density” trend in data centers, uniboot LC fiber cable is born. From the above picture, we can clearly see the differences between a uniboot LC fiber patch cable (left) and a standard LC cable (right). Uniboot LC patch cord has two LC fiber connectors encased in a common housing with only one boot terminated on a single twin-fiber round cable, which can cut down the cable count up to 50% compared with the traditional LC duplex patch cord. In addition, polarity reversal of uniboot LC patch cord can be easily completed in several simple steps, which will greatly save time and money. What’s more, uniboot LC fiber patch cord with push-pull tab has been proved that it can further increase cabling density up to 50%.

polarity reversal of uniboot LC fiber cable

Note: There are many different versions of uniboot LC LC patch cables. The polarity reversal of them might be different from each other. Two most commonly used versions of uniboot LC patch cords polarity reversal steps are shown in the above picture.

Ultra Low Loss LC Fiber Optic Cable

Ultra low loss lc fiber optic cable is one of the highest performance fiber patch cables, featuring a rugged single-piece body connector with a latch trigger up to 4x stronger than standard connectors. Standard LC fiber cables maintain an insertion loss of 0.30dB, while ultra low loss LC fiber cables produce an insertion loss of only 0.12dB, providing exceptional performance and lower power consumption. This fiber cable type has Grade B connector ensuring ultra low IL and RL and avoiding the production of error code and worse signal. Ultra low loss lc fiber optic cable is available in single mode and multimode cable types.

FS.COM LC Cable Solutions

Besides the above mentioned LC fiber connectors, adapters, fiber attenuators and LC LC fiber patch cords, FS.COM one-stop LC solutions also include LC fiber patch panels, MTP-LC breakout panels, MTP-LC cassettes, etc. can satisfy all your needs. Our LC fiber patch panels available in 12 ports, 24 ports and 48 ports, offer installers an economical, high-density fiber termination solution that doesn’t take up much space. For more information, please contact us via sales@fs.com.