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LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cables for Now and the Future

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Data center technologies and cabling structures have changed a lot in the past years, driven by the growing bandwidth needs. “High density” apparently becomes a keyword of data center. To bring service to market quickly, data center has to install more and more fiber optic cables in given space, which makes cable management a growing problem. More and more new products and technologies have been invented to follow the trend of high density in data centers. Finding an easy-to-manage and space-saving method for high density cabling is becoming an urgent issue for data center managers. Here provided a much more favorable high density fiber cabling solution—LC uniboot fiber patch cable, which is born to solve the mentioned problems during high density cabling.

LC uniboot fiber patch cable advantages

LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cable VS Standard LC Fiber Patch Cable

Compared with other fiber optic connectors, LC fiber optic connectors can offer higher density and performance in most environments, which makes it a more and more popular choice in many applications. That’s why uniboot fiber patch cables terminated with specially designed LC uniboot connectors have been invented. LC uniboot fiber patch cable, with its unique structure, has more advantages over traditional LC fiber patch cables in high density cabling environment. The main differences between the LC uniboot patch cable and the standard LC fiber patch cable are noticeable. The following picture shows a LC uniboot patch cable (left) and a standard one (right) separately.

differences between standard LC patch cable and LC uniboot patch cable

Less Cable Count to Cut Space Requirements

Traditional LC duplex patch cable usually uses a two-cable design with two fibers separately enclosing in two different cables, which is terminated with a standard duplex LC connector on each end. LC uniboot patch cable uses only one cable even though it has two fibers. It has a single boot at the back of the  LC duplex uniboot connector. Two fibers for duplex transmission are firmly enclosed in a single cable, which can cut down the cable count up to 50% compared with the traditional LC duplex patch cords. The space requirement of cabling can be significantly reduced by LC uniboot fiber patch cable.

LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cables

Easier Polarity Reversal to Increase Efficiency

Polarity change for LC duplex fiber patch cable is really inconvenience, especially for high density cabling environments like data centers. For traditional LC duplex patch cable polarity changing, additional tools and fiber cable re-terminating are usually required, which wastes both time and money. Sometime, improper handling could result in various faults. For LC uniboot patch cord, the polarity reversal is much more easier. Usually, without additional tools, the polarity can be easily changed by several simple steps. Currently, there are many different versions of LC uniboot patch cables. The polarity reversal of them might be different from each other. Two most commonly used versions of LC uniboot patch cables polarity reversal steps are shown in the following picture.

LC uniboot polarity reversal

LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cables for More Possibilities

Except space-saving and easy polarity changing, LC uniboot fiber patch cable can achieve more possibilities with its great features. Fiber optic network designing can be more flexible without worrying about spaces and polarity problems. Fiber optic cabling is much faster with reliable quality, which saves a lot of time and money. However, the designing and improving of uniboot fiber patch cable have never stopped. A LC uniboot fiber patch cable with push-plug tab has been already available in the market, as shown in the following picture. With this little change, much easier finger access and quicker latch release are available. The connecting and disconnecting of one fiber patch cable won’t affect the other surrounding links.

FS.COM LC Uniboot Fiber Patch Cable Solutions

LC uniboot fiber patch cable is born to solve problems in high density cabling. Comparing with standard fiber patch cable, LC uniboot fiber patch cable is a more favorable solution, which can cut down fiber cabling spaces up to 50% and provide much easier polarity reversal solution. The following table listed the LC uniboot patch cables that are available in FS.COM. Click the links on the part numbers (eg. 61241), you can reach the specific products. If you cannot find LC uniboot patch cables that fit your applications, kindly contact for customized services.

Length LC Uniboot Cable LC Switchable Uniboot 
PVC Jacket LSZH Jacket PVC Jacket
1 M 61241 61248 61255 / 61269  / 68280 68275 68270
3 M 61243 61250 61257 61264 /  / 68282 68277 68272
5 M 61244 61251 61258 /  /  / 68283 68278 68273

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