FS December 2021 Product Updates

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Welcome back to FS Monthly Products Update! In December, we released some new products - MTP to MDC breakout cable, short boot OM3/OM4 fiber patch cable, mini unmanaged 10G Ethernet media converter, dual-port 100Gb NIC, together with a series of Generic or Dell compatible optical transceivers for you to choose from. Please keep reading about what's new.

MTP® to MDC Breakout Cable/MDC Cleaner/2-Port SMF Adapter for High Density Applications

FS newly launched MTP® to MDC breakout cable features a slim uniboot design, combined with US CONEC MTP® connector and Corning SMF-28® ultra-fiber, together with the one-push MDC cleaning tool and US Conec MDC adapter, providing you a trouble-free experience for your high-speed data center network cabling.

fiber optic cable

LC Short Boot Duplex OM3/OM4 Fiber Optic Cable for High-speed Connections

Compared with traditional fiber cables, the LC duplex OM3/OM4 fiber optic cable features a design of short boot structure and no heat shrink tube, allowing the cable to pass through narrow space easily without sacrificing transmission performance. What's more, with the bend-insensitive fiber, the attenuation during bending or twisting can be reduced and this will make the installation and maintenance of the fiber optic cable more efficient. The LC duplex OM3/OM4 fiber cables are ideal for central offices, data centers, or any places that require high-speed 10G Ethernet connections.

fiber optic cable

Generic or Dell Compatible Optical Transceivers for 10G/200G/400G/800G Networks

FS released a variety of transceivers to meet the requirements of lower power consumption, larger bandwidth, and simpler deployment. Please check the list below for our new modules.

Transceiver Module Compatibility Max Data Rate Connector Cable Type Operating Temperature Max Cable Distance Power Consumption
XG-SFP-25-20N2 Generic 9.953Gbps SC Simplex SMF

-40 to 85°C




For Asymmetric 10-Gigabit Capable Passive Optical Network System

XGS-SFP-25-20N2 Generic 9.953Gbps SC Simplex SMF

-40 to 85°C




For Symmetric 10Gigabit Capable Passive Optical Network System

XGS-SFP-52-20N1 Generic 9.953Gbps SC Simplex SMF 0 to 70°C (commercial) 20km


For Symmetric 10Gigabit Capable Passive Optical Network System

Q28DD-200G-2SR4 Dell 206.24Gbps (8x 25.78Gbps) MTP/MPO-24 MMF 0 to 70°C (commercial) 100m


For 2×100GBASE-SR4 Ethernet and Data Centers Applications

QSFPDD-PLR4-400G Generic 400Gbps MTP/MPO-12 SMF 0 to 70°C (commercial) 10km


For 400GBASE Ethernet and Data Center

QDD-2FR4-800G Generic 850Gbps (8x 106.25Gbps) Dual CS SMF 0 to 70°C (commercial) 2KM


For 800G Ethernet, Data Center, Breakout 2x 400G FR4 Application

Mini Unmanaged 10G Ethernet Media Converter Extends and Speeds Up Your Network

The Mini Unmanaged Media Converter comes with 1x RJ45 and 1x SFP+ slot, is able to turn a copper Ethernet link into a fiber link and support a transparent 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G transmission, providing an economical path to extend the distance of an existing network or the distance between two devices. Besides, hot-swappable design with LED lights makes it easy to operate and monitor your network activity as well. Compatible with a wide range of 10G transceiver modules, FS Mini Unmanaged Ethernet Media Converters can be applied in network environments such as data centers, cloud computing, enterprise backbone, campus networks and carrier infrastructure, etc.

media converter

100G Dual Port QSFP28 Intel Based NIC for Enterprise IT Network Solution

This 100G dual-port NIC adopts Intel E810 chip, ensuring a stable 100GbE performance and low-latency connection. With Intel VT technology, it can simplify the I/O virtualization process, reduce the overall total cost, and improve I/O performance and availability. What's more, the Intel-Based network interface card is tested to be compatible with most major OS distributions and can be applied to most mainstream devices on the market, such as Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, INSPUR, Lenovo servers, etc. It is a cost-effective solution for communications, cloud, and enterprise networks.

More Items for Your Network Deployment

FS also released some other products such as plug-and-play Gigabit PoE injector, toolless keystone jack, HD face recognition access control terminal for enterprise surveillance and security, and WLAN controller for building, centralizing, and managing your network, etc.

We'll be back next month with another update. Have a great month.

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