MPO/MTP Fiber Cassette Module Solution

January 5, 2016

Data center networks are changing significantly to accommodate the drive and demand for faster access to virtualized networks and cloud computing. Fiber and particularly pre-terminated fiber is now dominant in today’s data centers and high speed networks because of bandwidth capabilities, port density, security, upgradability and ease of installation. With the trend of high-density cabling and the coming of 40/100G network, MPO/MTP assemblies play a more and more important role in fiber optic network. As one of the commonly used assemblies, the MPO/MTP fiber cassette module greatly meeting the demands for high density.

MTP/MPO Fiber Cassette Solutions Components & Design

In general, MPO/MTP cassette module is an LGX format enclosed unit that contains 8, 12 or 24-fiber factory terminated fan-outs inside. The fan-outs typically include such as SC, LC, ST-style connectors plugged into adapters on the front side of the fiber cassette and a MPO/MTP connector plugged into a MPO/MTP adapter mounted at the rear of the cassette, as the following picture shown:

Fiber Cassette

Common MPO/MTP Fiber Cassettes Types Overview

MPO/MTP fiber cassette is a modular module which enables users to take the fibers brought by a trunk cable and distribute them to a duplex cable. As a pre-terminated fiber product, MPO/MTP cassettes are loaded with 8, 12 or 24 fibers and have LC or SC adapters on the front side and MPO/MTP at the rear, this is to say, inside a standard MPO/MTP cassette module, there is a hydra cable. Since the interface of today’s most popular 10G optics is LC connector, at present, the three most widely used cassettes are 1xMTP(8-Fiber) to 4xLC duplex cassettes, 1xMTP(12-Fiber) to 6xLC duplex cassettes and 1xMTP(24-Fiber) to 12xLC duplex cassettes. The specific port configurations of these three MTP-LC fiber cassettes are displayed in following picture.

mpo cassette

In fact, besides the MPO/MTP-LC cassettes mentioned above, there exists another type of MPO/MTP cassettes. That is MPO/MTP-MPO/MTP fiber cassettes. MPO/MTP conversion cassettes are loaded with 8, 12 or 24 fibers and have MPO or MTP adapters on the both front and rear side. As shown in the figure below, 2x MTP-24 to 4x MTP-12 and 3x MTP-8 to 2x MTP-12 MPO/MTP conversion cassettes are common used cassettes in the market.

mtp cassette

MPO/MTP Fiber Cassettes Use Case

Using MTP cassettes provides adaptability for the changing data center environment. Facing technology refresh frequencies of 12-18 months, Plug & Play MTP fiber cassettes used in the data center offer a great advantage. When connector requirements change in the future, simply swap the cassettes whilst leaving the existing backbone infrastructure intact. MTP to LC cassettes are a quick and efficient way of deploying MTP connector breakout. Following are four application scenes for MTP to LC cassettes.

Scene One: Equipment cross-connect

fiber optic cassette

Scene Two: Equipment to equipment

fiber cassette module

Scene Three: Equipment inter-connect (LC to LC)

mpo fiber cassette

Scene Four: Equipment inter-connect (LC to MTP)

mtp cassette module

FS.COM MTP/MPO Fiber Csaaette Solutions

FS.COM MTP/MPO Fiber Cassettes are available with FHD series, which is used for our FHD fiber patch panel.

FHD Series MTP/MPO Cassettes

FS.COM’s FHD MTP to LC cassettes are available with 1xMTP(8-Fiber) to 4xLC duplex fiber cassettes, 3xMTP(8-Fiber) to 6xLC quad cassettes, 1xMTP(12-Fiber) to 6xLC duplex cassettes, 2xMTP(12-Fiber) to 12xLC duplex cassettes and 1xMTP(24-Fiber) to 12xLC duplex cassettes. FHD series MPO/MTP cassettes are used for interconnector or cross connector connectivity when the distance between two devices is too long. And Type A and AF used a pair in a two cassette.

FHD MTP-LC cassettes

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