FS Optical Transport Network Platform Unveiling

Updated on Sep 14, 2018

The explosive demand for higher bandwidth, larger capacity and longer distance transmission is driving a significant change in optical networks, which addresses a unified, stable and efficient network that can cost-effectively scale. The OTN network emerges as the ideal choice - it is gaining momentum in the market with reduced transport costs and enhanced network performance. FS newly launched the multi-service WDM transport network platform and it is built to suit the OTN system. Let’s take a look at how FS OTN/WDM-based solutions benefit your OTN architecture.

Why Is OTN Network Imperative?

OTN, or Optical Transport Network, is a digital wrapper that provides an efficient and globally accepted way to multiplex different services onto optical light paths. The OTN technology creates a transparent framework to efficiently carry diverse traffic types, including Ethernet, storage, digital video, as well as SONET/SDH. The OTN creates a transparent, hierarchical network designed for use on both WDM and TDM devices – it boasts distinct advantages like cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and simplicity for the evolving network needs. The OTN network hence holds a critical role in scaling the network to 100G and beyond, ensuring an open and programmable network platform.

otn network

Aside from effectively reducing operation and capital expenses and increasing the scalability of WDM systems, the OTN network also showcases the following benefits:

 simpler than SONET/SDH
 optimized for carrier WDM networks
 scalable for higher rates
 cost-effective for transporting wide and storage area network (WAN/SAN) protocols
 extended reach between difficult nodes
 transparent delivery of client signals.

FS OTN Network Transport Platform: Compact Size & Full Service

The OTN network provides multi-service transport and large capacity that is ideal for metro network applications. To this end, FS has launched the high integration FMS WDM Transport Network for easier OTN deployment. The multi-service WDM transport network, being an innovative “case-shaped”, all-in-one OTN solution, supports a broad range of services such as SDH/SONET, PDH, Ethernet, SAN, LAN, video. It offers enough flexibility in any network topology (end to end, mesh, ring) with the ideal scalability. This WDM/OTN system combines the OTN switching and WDM features and provides unified transmission of all services: it integrates WDM devices such as CWDM/DWDM equipment with OTN function cards (EDFA, DCM, OEO) in a 2U or 4U form factor, making large-capacity WDM device compact. Note that FS WDM transport platforms do not include OPM, OPD, OLP and OSW cards, if you need any of them, kindly consult sales at sales@fs.com.

1800 otn network cost effective transport-cwdm
1600e wdm transport network-dwdm
4000e otn long haul transport system-dwdm
9600e high capacity otn transport-dwdm
FS P/N FMS-1800 FMS-1600E FMS-4000E FMS-9600E
Dimension 8 slots in 2U FMT chassis 16 slots in 4U FMT chassis 16 slots in 4U FMT chassis 8 slots in 2U FMT chassis
Number of Wavelengths 18 Channels 16 Channels 40 Channels 96 Channels
Wavelength 1270nm-1610nm C21-C36, C27-C42, C43-C58 C21-C60 CH15-CH62.5
Channel Spacing 20nm 0.8nm(100GHz) 0.8nm(100GHz) 0.4nm(50GHz)
Fiber Type Dual fiber bi-directional Dual fiber bi-directional Dual fiber bi-directional Dual fiber bi-directional
Rate per Wavelength 1Gbps, 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps 10Gbps
Max. Transmission Capacity 180bps(10 Gbps × 80 Channels) 160Gbps(10 Gbps × 16 Channels) 400 Gbps(10 Gbps × 40 Channels) 960 Gbps(10 Gbps × 96 Channels)
Transmission Distance 1Gbps-35km 10Gbps-120km 10Gbps-105km 10Gbps-90km
Equipped with Integrated Module 18CH CWDM Mux Demux, OEO 16CH DWDM Mux Demux, EDFA, DCM, OEO 40CH DWDM Mux Demux, EDFA, DCM, OEO EDFA, DCM, OEO

Highlights of FS OTN Network Transport Platform

The FS WDM transport platforms are designed primarily to address the growing needs for long distance, high-attenuation link budget in enterprise networks, SANs, data centers, campus optical network and video surveillance. It successfully extends WDM technologies to the edge and provides an ultra-broadband transport solution for OTN network. The advantages of FS WDM transport networks include:

 Cater for requirements of varied services such as voice, video, and high-speed Internet access, greatly reducing the number of device types while simplifying OTN network deployment
 Offer scalable solution that allows customers to expand as needed, saving significant operating costs and vital resources
 Easily scale to ring networks, end to end networks and mesh networks.
 Ensure the maximum bandwidth for the required capacity and transmission distances
 Fully managed, configured and monitored remotely via FS.com Intelligent Network Management Unit
 Simple installation, operation and maintenance
 Standards-based platform that can be integrated with third party solutions
 The solution can be customized per customer application requirements
 Support dual AC/DC pluggable power supply and fan unit
 Supports hot swappable, convenient for installation and network management


The emergence of mobile broadband and bandwidth-intensive applications pushes the need for multi-service optical transport over ultra-long distance. So the adoption of OTN network is set to grow. The FS WDM transport platform provides multi-service, high reliable OTN network solution that helps our customers to build an access transport network with flexible service access, easy operation and lowest OPEX. If you need more information, please contact us at sales@fs.com.

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