PoE Switch vs PoE Injector: Why Choose PoE Switch to Build Wireless Networks?

Updated on Dec 13, 2021

Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology revolutionizes the wireless network by providing data and electricity over the same Ethernet cable. How to build PoE technology over wireless network? PoE switch vs PoE injector: why would you choose Power over Ethernet switch rather than Power over Ethernet injector? Today, we share some insights and help solve the above questions.

Power over Ethernet Wiki

Power over Ethernet or PoE technology allows power devices (PDs) to receive power in parallel to data over existing twisted-pair Ethernet infrastructure without making any modifications in it. Typical PDs include IP cameras, wireless access points, and the power sourcing equipment (PSE) would normally be a Power over Ethernet switch or a midspan power PoE injector. For more detailed information about Power over Ethernet technology, you can click: Demystifying PoE Network: Features, Standards, Types, and Common FAQs.

What Is PoE Switch and PoE Injector?

PoE switch or power over Ethernet switch is a network switch that applies Power over Ethernet technology. It can deliver both data and power over the same Ethernet cable. Know more information about PoE network switch working principle, you can refer to this article: how does PoE network switch work.

A midspan (or PoE injector) is used to add POE capability to non-POE network links. Know more here: What Is a PoE Injector and How to Use It?

PoE Switch and PoE Injector Wireless Applications

There are two methods to install high-power PoE technology for wireless applicaitons: by upgrading the PoE switch, or by installing PoE injector in the existing non-PoE networking infrastructure.

Upgrade to PoE Wireless Network with a PoE Switch

As figure1 shows, PoE Gigabit switch certificated by IEEE 802.3af standard, sends power and data to PoE devices over a single cable, which requires no additional wiring, power sources, or adapters. PoE switches are available to suit all applications from low-cost unmanaged edge switches with a few ports, up to complex multi-port rack-mounted units with sophisticated management.

Figure1 Endspan PoE Switch + PDs

Figure1: Endspan PoE Switch + PDs

PoE Injector Can Be Installed for Wireless Network

PoE injector is used to add POE capability to regular non-POE network links seen in Figure 2. PoE injector can be used to upgrade existing LAN installations to PoE, and provide a versatile solution where fewer PoE ports are required. Upgrading each network connection to PoE technology is as simple as patching it through the PoE injector, and as with PoE switches, power injection is controlled and automatic.

Figure2 Ethernet Switch (RJ45 port) + PoE Injector or Hub + PDs

Figure2: Ethernet Switch (RJ45 port) + PoE Injector or Hub + PDs

Build Wireless Networks via PoE Switch Is More Efficient

Figure 3 shows the wireless network diagram through a PoE Ethernet switch. To build enterprise PoE wireless network, the Power over Ethernet switch connects to a router that connects to the Internet. The network provides network connectivity among PoE wireless network devices and computers that have a wired connection to the switch. The PoE wireless access points connect to the PoE switch that provides them with power. Each wireless access point connects multiple wireless devices to the network.

Figure3 Build Wireless Networks via PoE Switch

Figure3: Build Wireless Networks via PoE Switch

Figure 4 shows a wireless network in an office. The wireless AP is installed on the ceiling. Cat5e or Cat6 network cable delivers data and power from the nearest PoE switch. Compared with the PoE injector, using a PoE Ethernet switch to power the AP is more efficient for the wireless network, because you don't need to worry about the power outlets. In addition, you don't have to specifically buy a Cat5e or Cat6 Ethernet cable for power transmission.

Figure4 Wireless Network in an Office

Figure4: Wireless Network in an Office

How to Choose a PoE Switch for a Wireless Network?

When planning to choose a PoE switch, we recommend that you should take the following three aspects into consideration.

  • The number of ports of PoE switch, which can affect the number of powered devices that can be connected to a PoE switch.

  • The power budget and PoE Standard of a PoE switch are two important points that cannot be ignored, both have an impact on PoE switch's power consumption.

  • In terms of managed or unmanaged PoE switch, one thing is that when connecting with PoE devices like IP cameras, smart managed PoE switches can detect whether they are PoE-compatible and supply power automatically for the remote-powered devices.

For more detailed information about how to choose a PoE switch, you can click: PoE vs PoE+ vs PoE++ Switch: How to Choose? And the following video shows you how to connect the PoE switch.


As is well known, wireless network makes a better connected world. PoE switch vs PoE injector, it's more efficient to adopt a PoE switch to build a wireless network. The reason is that Power over Ethernet switch can provide data and power simultaneously. PoE switch and wireless AP are available in FS. For more information, please visit www.fs.com or contact us over sales@fs.com.

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