Protect Fiber Links With IP67 Fiber Optic Connectivity Assemblies
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Protect Fiber Links With IP67 Fiber Optic Connectivity Assemblies

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Optical fiber is irreplaceable in today’s data communication network. Optical fibers support higher data rate and transmission distance than copper cables. Fiber optic cables are lighter in weight and better in data security compared with traditional copper cables. However, optical fiber has its weak points. It’s fragile and can be affected by containments like dust, oil and other liquid. Especially, for the termination point or connection point of the fiber optic network, where containments can pollute the contact surface of the fiber links easily. As the fiber cabling environments are various from indoor to outdoor, fiber optic cable installers are usually challenged by dusts and liquids during fiber optic cable deployment.

IP67 Fiber Connectivity Assemblies

Except proper operation methods during fiber cable installation, choose the fiber optic connectivity assemblies that can provide stronger protection against dust and liquid in harsh environments is also necessary during fiber cabling. IP67 fiber patch cable and IP67 fiber adapters are the ideal solutions for harsh environments where robust protection against containments like dust and liquid is necessary.

What Are IP67 and IP Code?

Apparently, “IP” in “IP67” is not the abbreviation of “Internet Protocol”. IP67 is actually a code of International Protection Marking, also known as Ingress Protection Marking, which is a rating system to classify the degree of protection that a product can provide against intrusion, dust, water, accidental contacts, etc. IP code is being used in many industries to provide more product detail information.

IP code

IP code (shown in the above picture) for fiber optic connectivity assemblies is mainly composed by two digits. The former one is used to describe the protection level of solid object, and the latter one is about the protection level of liquid object. The larger the digit is; the stronger protection can be provided. There are seven protection levels for solid object from 0 to 6, “0” means no protection against solid object. “6” stands for the highest protection level against solid object, which means totally against dust. There are nine protection levels against liquid object from 0 to 8. “0” stands for no protection, and “8” stands for “no harmful effect of immersion in water under pressure for long periods”. IP67 tells that the product provided the highest level of protection against dust and won’t be harmed when dipped in a certain level of pressure and length of time.

Why Can IP67 Fiber Connectivity Assemblies Protect Fiber Links?

Currently the highest protection level of fiber optic connectivity assemblies is IP68. For most cases, IP67 fiber optic products can satisfy the requirements of environments. IP67 fiber optic patch cables and IP67 fiber optic adapters are reliable and cost-effective solutions for cabling in harsh environments. To provide robust protection for fiber links, the designs of IP67 fiber patch cables and adapters are different from the standard ones, especially around the contact interfaces. The following picture shows the structures an IP67 LC fiber cable and an IP67 LC fiber adapter.

IP67 LC-LC fiber patch cable

The connector attached on the IP67 fiber patch cable is usually attached with dust caps on both ends and using bayonet coupling to connect with the IP67 fiber adapters. The following picture shows the inner structure of an IP67 LC duplex connector. A standard LC duplex connector is shielded by strong shell. Strong protection against dust and liquid can be offered by the IP67 fiber optic connector and adapter.

IP67 LC connector

IP67 Fiber Patch Cable and Adapter Selection

There is a wide range of IP67 fiber patch cables and adapters provided for various applications and cabling environment. During the selection of IP67 fiber connection products, the connector type is the primary factor to be considered. The most commonly used IP67 fiber patch cables and adapters are LC, SC and MTP/MPO.

 IP67 LC-LC patch cable  IP67 MTP-MTP patch cable IP67 fiber adapter
IP67 LC-LC Fiber Patch Cable IP67 MTP-MTP Fiber Patch Cable IP67 Fiber Adapter

The structure of the IP67 fiber patch cable should also be considered. There are mainly two types of IP67 fiber patch cables: one is terminated with IP67 fiber connectors on both ends, the other type is terminated with IP67 fiber connector on one end and standard fiber connectors on the other end. There is also fanout IP67 fiber patch cable provided in today’s market as shown in the following.



IP67 fiber patch cables and IP67 fiber adapters can provide robust protection against dust and liquid, which is enough for most harsh environments. There is also a wide selection for IP67 fiber optic connectivity assemblies provided in the market. If you are thinking of protecting fiber links in places where dust and liquid are great challenges, IP67 fiber patch cables and adapters could be your choice.

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