Reliable and Effective Copper Tools for Diverse Demands Launched in FS

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March 1st, FS News - FS has launched four types of reliable and cost-effective Pro'sKit copper tools for quick cabling installation: 15-in-1 network tool kits, punch down tools for krone, all-in-one wire stripping tools with dovetail clip, and portable plastic coated wire strippers.

15-in-1 Network Tool Kit

Pro'sKit® 15-in-1 network tool kit contains 15 different tools of industry-standard cable installation and tester set in a durable handy zippered bag, which is portable for carrying and using in various places, such as the home, office, telecom room, etc.

network tool kits

The network tool kit includes a cable tester judging wrong connections, short circuits, s and open circuits for RJ11/RJ45 cables, 3-in-1 crimper cuts, strips, and crimps solid and stranded wire, and a cable stripper for stripping solid sire from AWG 20~10. Armed with this ethernet tool kit for network installation and maintenance, users can quickly and conveniently install networks as well as repair network cables and test networks, which can well satisfy daily needs.

Krone Punch Down Tool

Pro'sKit® krone punch down tool is a small hand tool used by telecommunication and network technicians for inserting a wire into insulation displacement connectors on punch down blocks, patch panels, keystone modules, and surface mount boxes.

Punch Down Tool

The krone punch down tool is equipped with a specially-made tool head to ensure durability, spring-loaded for fast, low-effort seating and terminating, and a built-in swing-out hook and spudger to help manipulate wires and small components. Besides, it adapts to different plugs, card blocks, modules, and patch panel operations and is suitable for all Cat5e/6/6a/7/8 Ethernet cables.

All-in-one Dovetail Clip Wire Stripping Tool

Pro'sKit® all-in-one wire stripping tools with dovetail clip is a fast and reliable all-in-one modular tool with wire cutter, stripper, and crimper functions that can use the cutter to cut the wire skins, the stripper to reveal the wire, and the crimper to attach Cat5e/Cat5/Cat6/Cat6a/Cat7 connector plugs.

Wire Stripping Tool

The wire cutter stripper crimper tool is covered with black oxide plating for corrosion resistance and features a dovetail clip, S50C steel blade, and ratchet design to deliver excellent performance and facilitate quick and easy installations. The blade is made of alloy carbon steel, which is sharp, durable, and not easy to deform, making crimping more accurate and precise. And the ratchet design with a force-saving mechanism provides a fatigue-free crimping experience.

Portable Plastic Coated Wire Stripper

Pro'sKit® portable plastic-coated wire stripper is a multifunctional wire stripping tool for flat and round cables that can help you easily remove the protective outer jacket around network cables without damaging the cable core, speed up the process of performing fiber network maintenance work, and avoid excessive network downtime.

Wire Stripper

The wire stripper is triple-designed with an adjustable screw for various thicknesses of the cable, an SK5 steel blade with long service life, and a spring design to deliver excellent performance and facilitate quick and easy stripping.


FS copper tools help users make precise terminations to ensure fast and precise connections with less effort. FS has elevated user experience to an unprecedented height with “Customer First” always at its heart. In the future, FS will continue to strengthen its resolve on global business strategy and native operation with the aspiration to bring the best services to customers worldwide.

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