Revolutionizing Data Center Management with PicOS® and AmpCon™

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In today's data centers, managing the increasing complexity of IT infrastructure and meeting the growing demand for agility and efficiency are major challenges. As businesses strive to stay competitive in the digital landscape, they need innovative solutions that can simplify management, enhance flexibility, and optimize resource utilization.

FS PicOS® and AmpCon™ technologies offer a comprehensive approach to address these pressing concerns. By harnessing the synergistic power of these solutions, data center operators can unlock unprecedented levels of operational efficiency, resource optimization, and agility.

PicOS®: A Transformative Open Networking Solution

PicOS®, a Debian Linux-based open network operating system, empowers data centers with high-performance Broadcom chips, seamless interoperability, and reduced TCO. Its EVPN-VXLAN and MLAG technologies ensure reliability and scalability, while tight NAC integration strengthens security. As an open, extensible platform, PicOS® paves the way for AI-powered expansion through innovations like CrossFlow™, enabling unprecedented network service flexibility. By simplifying management, enhancing flexibility, and optimizing resources, PicOS® sets a new standard for agile, efficient data center operations.


AmpCon™: Amplifying Data Center Agility and Control

AmpCon™, the centralized management platform for FS PicOS® software switches, streamlines deployment, configuration, and lifecycle management at scale. Featuring Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP), real-time monitoring and automated life cycle management, AmpCon™ empowers data center teams to orchestrate thousands of PicOS® switches with ease, enhancing flexibility, visibility, and control. By seamlessly integrating with PicOS®, AmpCon™ amplifies the agility of data center operations, enabling rapid service deployment and optimized resource utilization. As the control center for modern, software-defined infrastructure, AmpCon™ is the key to unlocking unprecedented operational efficiency and responsiveness in data center environments.


The Synergistic Power of PicOS® and AmpCon™

The synergistic relationship between PicOS® and AmpCon™ creates a powerful solution that makes network scalability and efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing security.

  • Optimized resource utilization: AmpCon™'s automation capabilities streamline network management, reducing the time and effort required by IT teams. This allows them to focus on more strategic initiatives, rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day operational tasks. Furthermore, PicOS®'s inherent efficiency in resource utilization ensures that small data centers can maximize the performance and scalability of their infrastructure, getting the most out of their existing resources.

  • Enhanced operational agility: The seamless integration between PicOS® and AmpCon™ empowers data center teams to quickly adapt to changing business requirements. They can rapidly deploy new services, scale their network as needed, and troubleshoot issues with greater ease, fostering a more agile and responsive data center environment. This agility is crucial in today's fast-paced digital landscape, where the ability to pivot and respond to evolving demands can make all the difference.

  • Reduced total cost of ownership: The combined benefits of PicOS®'s high performance, interoperability, and AmpCon™'s streamlined management translate into significant cost savings for small data centers. By minimizing the need for specialized technical expertise and reducing operational overhead, these organizations can optimize their IT investments and redirect resources towards more strategic initiatives that drive business growth and innovation.

  • Improved reliability and resilience: The tight integration of PicOS® and AmpCon™ enhances the overall reliability and resilience of the data center network. PicOS®'s robust features, such as high availability and redundancy, combined with AmpCon™'s proactive monitoring and automated failover capabilities, help ensure that small-to-medium-sized data centers can maintain continuous service delivery, even in the face of unexpected disruptions. This level of reliability is critical for maintaining customer trust and business continuity.

By harnessing the synergistic power of PicOS® and AmpCon™, small-to-medium-sized data centers can unlock unprecedented levels of operational efficiency, resource optimization, and agility, positioning them for success in the dynamic digital landscape and enabling them to compete on par with larger enterprises.

PicOS® and AmpCon™ in Action

A game development company is a successful case study for FS PicOS® and AmpCon™ technologies. In 2023, the company's data center network faced severe challenges - sluggish network speeds, declining performance, and increasingly complex and costly maintenance and upgrades of their legacy switches.

To address these issues, the company chose FS PicOS® switches and AmpCon™ unified management platform. At the core and aggregation layers, the company deployed FS N8560-32C and N8550-32C switches, which provide 32 x 100G ports, significantly increasing network bandwidth and reducing latency. At the access layer, the S5860-48XMG and S5860-24MG-U switches with Multi-Gig Ethernet and 2.5G Multi-Gig Ethernet ports offered much faster connection speeds than the previous Gigabit Ethernet.

Beyond the hardware upgrades, the company also capitalized on the software advantages of PicOS® and AmpCon™. PicOS® provided a consistent command-line interface (CLI) across all FS switches, streamlining network management. This made it much easier for the team to configure and maintain the network, improving efficiency. The AmpCon™ management platform enabled remote deployment and automated management. Network administrators could now scale or upgrade the network anytime, anywhere, without the need for on-site operations.

The seamless integration of PicOS® and AmpCon™ empowered the company to unlock the full potential of its network infrastructure, driving greater efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings.


PicOS® and AmpCon™ are transforming data center management. PicOS® provides advanced networking capabilities, while AmpCon™ offers centralized management. Together, they simplify operations, enhance flexibility, and optimize resource utilization.

As data center demands continue to evolve, the synergistic power of PicOS® and AmpCon™ is shaping the future of data center management. By harnessing their combined strengths, data center operators can build agile, efficient, and future-ready infrastructure to navigate the industry's challenges.

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