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Thank you for using FS.com products and following the official media account. To appreciate your support, we decided to host a gift campaign on our official accounts on Twitter (@FSCOM_official), Facebook (@FSCOMofficial), and Linkedin (@FSCOMofficial). A total of 5 applicants will win a $40 Amazon gift card ($20×2, limit $40 per person).

share fs event

How To Participate

  • You can choose to participate in activities on any of the following platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, but winning can only be counted once

  • Follow our FS official account @FS.com

  • Share pictures with FS products in the comment below our official post or post them on your own page with the #ShareFS hashtag and mention us @FS.com

  • We will randomly choose 5 winners who will get prizes - a $40 Amazon gift card!

The results will be announced on Wednesday, April 6.


A $40 Amazon gift card.


  • You can post pictures about the product using experience to participate in the event, but since the lottery is conducted for each account, the number of posts will not lead to the probability of winning. In addition, if the same applicant confirms the application using multiple accounts, only one account application will be considered valid, and the other applications will be invalid.

  • After the draw is over, we will contact the winners via DM.

  • At that time, please provide the award DM information.

  • Winners will be selected from applicants through a strict lottery. Please note that we are unable to answer questions about accepting and confirming the acceptance of applications.

  • Please note that we are unable to answer inquiries or questions regarding winning results.

  • If you cannot send a message directly due to unfolding, account suspending, deletion, change of ID, etc., the winning will be void.

  • Please note that if you do not provide the necessary information to contact the winner, the winner will be forfeited. Also, if the prize cannot be given due to incorrect information provided, the prize will be forfeited.

  • Winning rights are not transferable or exchangeable for cash.

  • Winners will be notified via DM on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, but we will not ask for personal information directly via DM. Please be careful not to disclose your personal information on the Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter pages intentionally or unintentionally.

  • It is strictly prohibited to publish content that violates public order and morals, content that hurts or insults others, content that conflicts with third-party intellectual property rights or infringes the intellectual property rights of others, or uses pictures and other content. We will not be held responsible if any of the above is found.

  • This event is not offered or sponsored by Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

  • Personal information provided by @FSCOMofficial will be strictly managed by @FSCOMofficial for prize notification, prize delivery and delivery of contact details.  

  • Not used as analytical data at all.

  • Personal information will not be provided to third parties without the customer's consent.

  • Except when the information is disclosed in accordance with laws and regulations.

  • Participants understand and agree that their posts related to this event may be reposted on FS.com official media accounts.

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