Smart Design on FS VoIP Phones: Ultimate VoIP Experiences for SMEs

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FS Business Phone System

FS newly launched powerful VoIP Phones that can further enhance both user and management experience for SMEs with some smart designs. In addition to basic call functions, FS VoIP Phones are specially designed in terms of call sound quality, call cost, visual experience, and multi-user collaboration to optimize the overall experience. This article will walk you through these smartly-designed features on FS VoIP Phones and how they benefit SMEs.

2/12/20 SIP Lines

SIP lines are an indispensable part of enterprise IP communication that transmits voice over IP calls as data over Ethernet or fiber connect. With more SIP lines, a company can handle more concurrent calls at the same time. FS VoIP Phones with 2/12/20 SIP lines can meet the needs of all kinds of different businesses. FS IP Phones can achieve up to 10-way audio conferencing, realizing fast communication and improving work efficiency. Moreover, these SIP lines consolidate communication systems, which help SMEs that especially require ease of management and low cost to manage business phone systems easily and reduce costs.

HD Audio, Wideband Codec G.722, and Opus Support

Sound quality is the most important consideration in IP Phones Use. With high-definition audio (HD Audio), FS VoIP Phones could make the call sound like the original voice. And G.722 samples audio data at a rate of 16 kHz (using 14 bits), double that of traditional telephony interface, which can provide superior audio quality and clarity. Opus codec can seamlessly switch between various modes of operation, giving FS IP Phones great flexibility to adapt to different content and network conditions without renegotiating the current session. Besides these smart designs, FS IP Phones including FIP-5112, FIP-5220, and FIP-7220 are equipped with superb Harman speaker, achieving next-level call quality and bringing you a better call experience.

HD Audio Quality

Various LCD Display

FS IP Phones have various screen designs to meet a variety of customer needs. FIP-3102 is an entry-level VoIP Phone with a 2.3-inch Dot-matrix screen with backlight, which can bring a basic clear visual experience at a low cost. FIP-5112, FIP-5220, and FIP-7220 are enterprise-level color screen VoIP Phones. With these screens, FS VoIP Phones can bring you not only a clearer visual experience but also ease of use and management.

Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, Integrated PoE

Supporting PoE (Power over Ethernet), FS VoIP Phones can get powered with an Ethernet cable, which can effectively save space, installation, and maintenance costs, and make your phone system setup easier. FS IP Phones can also improve the reliability of your call service because PoE power supply can backup for you in case of power failures. What's more, all FS IP Phones are equipped with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports to handle your phone traffic with ease, which is ideal for SMEs using web-based phone services.

Compatible with Accessories

FS enterprise-level IP Phones are compatible with a wide variety of accessories, like EHS headset via EHS Cable, WiFi via WiFi dongle, and built-in Bluetooth, which can improve your flexibility and productivity at work and allow you to roam the office wirelessly and answer phones remotely, bringing you ultimate experience answering phone calls directly from your wireless headset.

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