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400G Network

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Challenges and Opportunities in 400G Transceiver Test

400G transceiver tests like the BER, FEC and eye diagram tests, bring series challenges for optical manufacturers and vendors. Know more details about the 400G challenges and opportunities from this article here.
Posted on 2019-12-23 17:57:41 By FS.COM
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400G Direct Attach Cables (DAC & AOC) Overview

Following the step of 5G, 400G is coming around the corner. To achieve 400G connection, transceivers maybe a popular part. But in short-distance transmission, 400G DAC and AOC is preferred due to its convenient operation and lower cost.
Posted on 2019-12-23 16:48:43 By FS.COM
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400G OTN Technologies: Single-Carrier, Dual-Carrier and Quad-Carrier

This article introduces the three main 400G optical transmission technologies: single-carrier, dual-carrier, and quad-carrier. Then compare them with each other from modulation formats, spectral efficiency, OSNR, and network application.
Posted on 2019-12-20 16:36:21 By FS.COM
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PAM4: Learn 400G Ethernet From Here

This article includes 400G PAM4 Introduction in 400G Ethernet, the 400G transceivers using PAM4 and the importance PAM4 to 400G Ethernet by contrasting the PAM4 signaling with the conventional NRZ signaling.
Posted on 2019-12-20 15:48:36 By FS.COM
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High-Speed Telecom Focus: 400G Ethernet Market Current and the Future

400G Ethernet has become a new trend for networking market. How and why it develops so fast? What influences will it bring to us? Let’s unveil it in this post.
Posted on 2019-12-20 11:34:33 By FS.COM
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How Many 400G Transceiver Types Are in the Market?

Learn 400G transceiver types in different categories including application (Ethernet transceiver and coherent transceiver), interface standard (400G SR8, DR8,etc.) and form factor(QSFP-DD, OSFP, CFP8, etc.).
Posted on 2018-09-20 17:59:07 By FS.COM