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Layer 3 Switch

21 Blogs

Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Forward Error Correction (FEC) in 100G Data Transmission

What is Forward Error Correction? What are the features of FEC? What are the applications of FEC in 100G networks? What should know about the configuration of FEC?
Posted on October 25, 2019 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

How to Integrate Ansible With Cumulus Linux Automation Feature?

As you may know that Cumulus Linux is an open network operating system (ONOS) and it is famous for its powerful functions in web-scale networking. Among all the functions, “automation” is an important and unique one, especially when operated with the popular automated operation tool Ansible. Then, what is “automation” in Cumulus Linux? What is Ansible and why it is a perfect match for “automation” in Cumulus Linux? Read this post to find all the answers and get detailed steps on how to use Cumul...
Posted on March 11, 2019 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

How to Configure MLAG on FS N-Series Switch With Cumulus Linux?

Data center and cloud computing networks require both the highest level of network bandwidth and reliability. MLAG (Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation) makes it possible by taking the benefits of link aggregation, and spreading them across a pair of data center switches to deliver system level redundancy as well as network-level resiliency. It significantly improves network efficiency and simplifies system management, which can be used at various places in the network to eliminate bottlenecks and pr...
Posted on March 5, 2019 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

NCLU Smooths Networking Transition to Cumulus Linux

The communication industry is embracing Linux-based switch hardware and software to build affordable, agile and high-capacity networks. However, to maximize operational efficiency, IT engineers need not only advanced network functions, but also more concise command line interfaces and configuration approaches - because even the command lines of various Linux-based switches are similar, not all the engineers are necessary with a Linux background. To simplify network configuration and make Cumulu...
Posted on February 15, 2019 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Does an Open Switch With Cumulus Linux Equal a Proprietary Switch?

As you may know that open network is a hot topic these days. It is enabled by several parts such as open source software, open compute hardware, etc. Under this trend, another related topic, open switch, has caught much attention as well. Then, what is open switch? How does it differ from the traditional proprietary switch? In this post, we will focus on the comparison on a proprietary switch (Cisco, Juniper and HPE switches, etc.) and an open switch preloaded with the open source software Cumul...
Posted on February 15, 2019 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

100G Switch: Bare Metal One or Preloaded Cumulus Linux or ICOS?

100G switches, sounds futuristic? Not really, 100G is here and being deployed. Actually, since 2015, companies like Google, Microsoft or Amazon have started their migration toward 100G. And many of their 100G deployments adopted 100G open source switches for web-scale or hyper-converged data center architectures. However, there are many choices on the market, such as the brite box switch that preloaded with open source software like Cumulus Linux or ICOS and etc, and the bare metal switch withou...
Posted on February 8, 2019 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

FS N-Series Switches with Cumulus Linux: What Function Do You Expect?

Today’s world is all about open, and the trend has spread to varied fields. The network is no exception. Till now, we have had the open source software, open source hardware, open source switch, and open source operating system. In response to the expansion of open source network, FS released N-series bare metal switches which leave room for customers to configure their desirable network switches. FS has added the Cumulus Linux to the switches.Overview of FS N-series Switches with Cumulus LinuxF...
Posted on December 23, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

Why FS Adds Cumulus Support to the N-series Data Center Switches

Open source networking is becoming the new norm in the world of computing. Based on complete separation between hardware and software, it is valued for the ability to deliver an agile, scalable and programmable network that can quickly adapt to the changing requirements. The networking industry is making a decisive move toward open switch: web-scale giants like Google, Facebook and Amazon is integrating open networking switches in their data center. And reputable hardware providers like Cisco, J...
Posted on December 18, 2018 By FS.COM
Fs upgraded-network-in-data-center.jpg Blog

10GbE 32-Port Switch Application and Configuration

As Layer 3 switch, FS 10GbE switch S5850-32S2Q 32-port switch can be used as data center switch/ToR switch/leaf switch in enterprise data center and metro network environment.
Posted on September 5, 2018 By FS.COM