FS Video Conferencing Collaboration: Optimizing Your Meeting Rooms

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Telecommuting is booming and overwhelming in workplaces after finding out the benefits of remote communication. However, the company employers should set room standards in place by determining the best video conferencing equipment for all of your different-sized rooms, to ensure that the user experience for every conference room is as consistent as possible, and to avoid room scheduling issues.

If you're considering investing in a video conference system, continue to read to find out what to consider based on your conference room size & how to choose the best conference cameras for your meeting room. Jump to each section to find your optimzed VC solution:

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FS Video Conferencing Solution for Huddle Rooms

FS Video Conferencing Solution for Mid-Sized Meeting Rooms

FS Video Conferencing Solution for Large Meeting Rooms

First & Foremost: Measure Your Meeting Room

How big is your room? And how many rooms do you have? Consider these two questions before investing in a VC solution.

The best video conferencing equipment you need for your business like conference cameras, speakers, microphones, TVs, etc. are actually depended on the size of the room where they will be used. As a room gets bigger and the number of participants increases, the video conferencing hardware you have will need to scale in order to conduct an efficient meeting.

FS Video Conferencing Solution for Huddle Rooms

Small Spaces (for 3-6 People)

Small meetings rooms are designed for small groups of co-workers, normally up to about six per meeting but often more like two or three. Prior to 2020, approximately 10% of meeting spaces are huddle rooms. But about 75% of video meetings will take place in huddle rooms by 2024 according to some analysts.

Small Meeting Rooms for Video Conferencing

Conference Cameras for Small Rooms Recommendation

Compared with large rooms where people may sit far away from the camera, people tend to huddle around the conference camera and mic in small meeting spaces. If you're in a very small room that's designed for one-on-one meetings, a simple FS all-in-one webcam would be sufficient because you don't need to worry about squeezing a bunch of people into the frame or inconsistent audio quality.

For rooms that need to fit about five to six people will need a professional conference camera for optimal meeting experiences. Therefore, a wide-angle lens is necessary to ensure everyone can be seen within the camera's field of view. Besides, smaller cameras are appropriate for smaller spaces. A compact conference camera with a smart built-in microphone array is a good option. For conducting meetings in small conference rooms, the employees want intuitive meeting tools without wasting much time.

FC530 Video Conference Camera is a default option for your small room with advantages:

  • 108° Field of View: Easy to see everyone in the huddle room clearly.

  • 360° Free Pickup: Smart built-in microphone array to deliver exceptional audio quality.

  • Plug-and-Play: A breeze to deploy and use with the USB connection.

FC530-4K Video Conference Camera, with superior 4K quality, expansive 120° horizontal field of view, and USB 3.0 plug-and-play connectivity, is ideal for your higher online meeting experience requirements.

FC530-4K Video Conference Camera

FS Video Conferencing Solution for Mid-Sized Meeting Rooms

Medium Rooms (for 8-15 People)

In your organization, it's likely that the workhorse of meeting spaces is the mid-sized conference room, which typically has 10 to 12 chairs. A medium room is a good size for small groups of three to four people to spread out when needed. Thus, flexibility is important to optimize your mid-sized rooms for video collaboration.

Mid-sized Meeting Rooms for Video Conferencing

Conference Cameras for Midsize & Large Rooms Recommendation

Given the range of room sizes and configurations typical of mid-sized rooms, the camera should be capable of capturing and focusing on people both near and far. Adding pan/tilt/zoom capabilities enhances the goal of making everyone around the conference table visible to people on the other end of the video meeting.

Also, the video quality should not be undervalued, especially for some important seminars. Brilliant WDR technology provides adaptive sensitivity of lights to capture more visual information in every scene, even when lighting conditions are bad or complex.

FC730 Conference Camera is a top-of-the-line PTZ video camera with automatic WDR correction technology to makes you look great in any light. What's more, FS webcams are compatible with Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans and support with Windows, Mac OS and others to meet your needs for any kind of collaboration.

FC730-4K-N Conference Camera is an Ultra HD 4K camera with 20X Lossless HD Zoom, allowing people on both sides of a video conference to feel as if they're together in the same room, even when they're many miles apart.

FC730 Video Conference Camera

FS Video Conferencing Solution for Large Meeting Rooms

Large Rooms or Flexible Workspaces (for 15+ people)

Typically, large meeting rooms are designed for department meetings or quarterly updates. With more complex equipment inside the room, it may be intimidating for the average meeting organizer. But it doesn't have to be this way. With the right video conferencing solution, large rooms can be as easy to outfit, manage, and use as a huddle room.

Large Meeting Rooms for Video Conferencing

Cameras & Speakerphones for Large Rooms Recommendation

Four indispensable criteria you should consider for a large-sized meeting room:

  • Sharp image quality

  • Spectacular audio performance

  • Seamless user experience

  • Simplified operation & management

If you're conducting a meeting with upwards of 15 people or more in a room, chances are you can't risk the delays and inconveniences that come with technical inefficiencies. For rooms on the larger end, you may need high-performance cameras and multiple mics set up around the room. And don't forget, it's crucial to make sure that the camera can be controlled and adjusted through multiple control methods such as remote control, keyboard, etc.

The FC730 series conference cameras we've discussed before also fit the large room requirements. FS also provides high-quality speakerphones adopting noise reduction technologies to deliver room-filling and natural-sounding audio from any angle for your complete VC solution.

FS SP630 Speakerphone for Video Conferencing

Pick a Customized Video Conference System for Your Room From FS

Communicating virtually and collaborating instantaneously with colleagues or partners is sweeping today's business world regardless of location. Video conferencing is replacing face-to-face meetings to reduce the need for business travel and increase work productivity at the same time. If the online meeting experience is great – the meeting feels like being there in person, which has contributed to the enterprise-wide adoption.

Explore more to find out how FS conference room solution makes such a big difference. Or, just contact our experts! FS has customized video conferencing equipment setups from small-sized to medium-to-large conference rooms, making sure it's easy to use for everyone on your team.

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