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We Got a Complaint From Our Customer About the Packaging

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We were replying to customers’ reviews the other days. Some were praising us for doing good work and some were giving us advice. Not soon after we were too obsessed with them and kept tracking down the page’s 1900+ reviews, until we glimpsed the word “ridiculously”. Surprised of course! “What is she/he criticizing for?” We wondered. But after we read the whole review, we could not agree with this complaint, LOL.

customer review overdone packaging

We like our package for transceivers. The thought of taking the box home and using it as the puppy’s toy is always in our colleague’s mind, since it is good and made of green material. But we were not allowed to! We’ve never thought someone would “criticize” it as “ridiculously overdone”.

four types of transceiver packaging

See the packaging for these ten 1000BASE-T SFP transceivers.

1G-10G transceiver packaging

Do you agree that the packaging is ridiculously overdone? If you think this is overdone, you must think our packaging for some other optical transceivers are excessive too.

One 40G/100G transceiver in a transparent tray box.

a transceiver transparent packaging

Ten 40G/100G transceivers in a carton box.

ten transceivers packaging

One 40G/100G transceiver or a converter module in a 3-layer carton box.

one transceiver 3-layer packaging

Though this HPE J8177C compatible 1000BASE-T SFP is only $16 per piece, it is worthy of the best protection even for one pack. Not only because it is as important as any other expensive modules in your network. Besides, in our eyes, optical transceivers are exquisite devices. Some people may think they are just goods that are produced in large quantities using machinery. But actually every good optical transceiver is not ready for stock until the full set of testing is done. It shouldn’t be treated randomly even after the effort is finished.

We believe the safe and solid packaging contributes to the good performance of the transceiver as well as the strict quality test. Imagine that a well-made transceiver finally passes the compatibility test and performance test, but ends in freight due to poor packaging. What a pity! The good packaging protects the transceiver and then when you take it out and install it in the switch, you can say “it works like a charm”. Or like this:

10G and 40G optics army

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