What Is Industrial Switch?

Updated on Dec 16, 2021

Nowadays, industrial switch plays a vitally important role in various industries like energy, environmental protection, transportation, smart city surveillance, etc. And the demand for the industrial switch is also increasing. What is the industrial network switch? What are the characteristics of an industrial switch? Let's find out.

What Is Industrial Switch?

Industrial switch, also known as industrial Ethernet switch, is a high-reliability and cost-effective Ethernet switch device designed to be applied in harsh industrial environments subject to shocks, vibrations and extreme temperature fluctuations from -40℃ to 75℃ generally, so you'll find that industrial network switch contributes significantly to transportation, energy industries and more. Compared to a common Ethernet switch, industrial Ethernet switch does have many spotlights in harsh environments. Keep reading to further understand the characteristics of industrial switch.

Figure1: Industrial Ethernet Switch

                                                                                 Figure1: Industrial Ethernet Switch

What Are the Characteristics of Industrial Switch?

Excellent Construction for Industrial Environments

Industrial switches usually adopt hardened construction like rugged enclosure with IP30, IP40, or higher-level protection rating to withstand humidity, shock, vibration and temperature extremes. Some network switches are even equipped with 6KV lightning protection to prevent damage from thunder and lightning in outdoor uses. With a rugged design, industrial network switches can deliver data stably extreme temperatures from -40° to 75°C, while normal network switches can not support that.

For example, one of FS IES3100-8TF industrial switches is equipped with rugged IP30 aluminum metal housing, it can transmit data in extreme temperatures from -40° to 75°C as well as withstand a high degree of vibration and shock.

Figure2: Industrial Switch Operates in Extreme Temperatures

                                              Figure2: Industrial Switch Operates in Extreme Temperatures

Fast Ring Network, Fast Redundancy

In general, an industrial Ethernet switch is characterized by a fast ring network and fast redundancy. Taking FS IES5100-24TF industrial Ethernet switch for example, this industrial-grade switch integrates the advanced ERPS (Ethernet Ring Protection Switching) technology and Spanning Tree Protocol (802.1s MSTP) into the industrial network, contributing to enhancing the system reliability in harsh conditions. In a certain simple Ring network, the recovery time of the data link can be as fast as 50ms.

Redundant Power Supply Design

The power supply is another notable feature of the industrial switch. The industrial network switch usually adopts dual power supply redundancy to avoid power failure which accounts for a large proportion of industrial switch failure rates, guaranteeing a stable and reliable connection in harsh environments.

Flexible Mounting Options of DIN-rail and Wall Mounting

Most industrial switches are available in DIN-rail or wall mounting options for installation. For the option of DIN-rail, it's ideal for efficient use of cabinet space in harsh environments. It also does help in simplifying the installation, the DIN rail industrial switch can be attached to the long metal strips within a standard component rail-mounting system or a standard cabinet rack in an easier way. Besides, an industrial switch with DIN-rail mounting option does help in protecting sensitive electrical equipment.

Fanless Design

Industrial Ethernet switch generally uses a metal casing rather than a fan for faster heat dissipation. Fanless design for the industrial switch can minimize problems with dust and moisture ingress. In this regard, industrial switch ensures long-term reliability in industrial applications.

Applications of Industrial Switch

The regular Ethernet switch is not reliable enough to deliver data accurately in critical environments, while an industrial Ethernet switch with the above significant features can challenge the harsh conditions. Some typical applications for industrial Ethernet switches are as follows:

  • Industrial switch in energy industries-----Take underground mine shafts for example, using an industrial Ethernet switch for underground coal mines can effectively block dust, dirt and other particulate matter that might cause damage to the equipment.

  • Industrial switch in transportation industries-----Industrial switch equipped with industrial-grade protection construction such as IP40 to withstand high-intensity of vibration and shock, which helps you to get the data that is generated from a moving object.

  • Industrial switch in electricity substations-----High electromagnetic interference is a big challenge for electricity substations, a robust, reliable and secure harsh environment switch is the answer to solve this problem. Because industrial switch has strong anti-interference performance and can work in the harsh electromagnetic environment, while commercial switch doesn't support it.

  • Industrial switch in smart city surveillance-----Using an industrial PoE switch to provide the required power for your PoE devices like IP cameras in smart city surveillance is a wise choice to monitor crowds and traffic. To get a robust industrial network PoE switch to enjoy the benefits of simplifying the cabling and controlling the device in an easier way.

Figure3: Industrial Switch in Industrial Environments

                                                     Figure3: Industrial Switch in Industrial Environments

A Glimpse of FS Industrial Switch

FS introduced several industrial Ethernet switches, including 8-port industrial ethernet switch, 16-port industrial ethernet switch, 24-port industrial ethernet switch. All the managed industrial switches can be further divided into DIN-Rail switch/Rackmount switch, PoE switch/Non-PoE switch. The following table shows the industrial switch in FS for your reference.

Industrial Switches IES3110-8TF #138510 IES3100-8TF-P #138511 IES3110-8TF-P #138512 IES3100-8TF #138509 IES3110-16TF #138513 IES5100-24TF #138514 IES3110-24TF #138515
RJ45 Ports 8x 10/100/1000BASE-T 8x 10/100/1000BASE-T 8x 10/100/1000BASE-T 8x 10/100/1000BASE-T 16x 10/100/1000 Base-T 24x 10/100/1000 Base-T 24x 10/100/1000 Base-T
PoE Ports 8x PoE+ 8x PoE+
IP Rating IP30 IP30 IP30 IP40 IP30 IP40 IP30
VLAN, QoS, LACP, IGMP, ACL, DHCP, Static Routing, MSTP

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