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What You Need to Build Triple Play Network—Data+VoIP+TV

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Driven by the deployment of FTTH, it is really popular for many new houses to be connected to a network that can provide data, telephone and TV services all over Ethernet, which is also called triple play network. It combines mainly three types of telecommunication technologies, which are Ethernet, VoIP (a technology transmitting voice calls using a broadband Internet) and CATV (a technology delivering television programming to via coaxial cables or fiber optic cables).

Some might say as we can also enjoy voice call and television programs services over other transmission media, why should we connected to a triple play network. The biggest benefit is cost. For example, for a traditional home network, three different types of cable should be connected to the houses separately for Ethernet, telephone and television, which will cost more than that of a triple play network. Transmitting television programs via fiber optic cable is also a better solution for the 4K television. In addition, this triple play network can better fit the deployment request of the popular smart home network.

Understand Triple Play Network

Actually, the benefit of this triple play network is also reflected on the network infrastructure. To build a triple play network. The first step is to understand its network infrastructure. Triple play network is largely based on FTTH network. And FTTH network is generally based on PON, especially EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network). Thus, triple play network is suggested to be built over EPON.

To brought these services to the different individual users in the existing fiber optic network, some change must be made. The following picture illustrates the mentioned advantages of triple play network by contrast. Another two commonly used network infrastructures are also displayed— EPON + LAN and EPON+ DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) EOC (Ethernet Over Copper).

triple play network

In a network which combines EPON and LAN together, the services of Internet and VoIP are offered by EPON ONU which is deployed at the optical nodes and the LAN access for interactive order and broadband access. Ethernet cable should be connected the user’s house. For the Cable TV, the signals from the cable TV operator are firstly received by an optical receiver and then reach users via the traditional coaxial cable. Although, the existing network has not been changed, but two different types of cables should be connected to the end user’s house, which is not as cost-effective as triple play network.


EPON + DOCSIS EOC seems a more cost-effective solution than EPON + LAN Solution, as the biggest character of this solution is making full use of the existing cables. CATV system and ONU via EPON system will transmit the data, voice, and TV services to the user’s house, by using the existing EPON OLT (Optical Line Terminal) equipment to enable these services on two way over the cable at cost points competitive with EOC solution. However, the end user’s number of this solution is limited comparing with triple play network. And the deployment cost is still higher than that of a triple play network.

triple play network structure
EPON Triple Play Network

The above picture is a simple figure of a triple play network. In a triple play network, the Cable TV signal will be transmitted in to optical signals, as the signal should travel a long distance, EDFA should be deploy in this link to ensure the signal quality. The signal will then reach a WDM network. On the other hand, the IP network which offers Data and VoIP services will be combined through EPON OLT and then transmitted to the same WDM network. Then the three services are all combined over a fiber optic network. To support more users on the same network, the fiber optic splitter will be used. The signals reach individual user’s house via EPON ONU which is installed at user end.

Using EPON for triple play network not only allows a cable operator to virtually provide a dedicated IP Ethernet connection to each customer in a more efficient and direct way, but also allows operators an FTTP operators to be in the same market place for headend, hub and user premises equipment in a economical manner. Connecting only one type of cable to the user’s house, data, VoIP and Cable TV are all available via a ONU.

Triple Play Network Solution

The following table listed the above mentioned most basic components that are required in a triple play network for your reference. Kindly contact sale@fs.com for more details about FS.COM triple play network solution.

Products Description
EPON OLT Optical line terminal for Ethernet passive optical network
EDFA Erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
DWDM MUX/DEMUX DWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer
CWDM MUX/DEMUX CWDM multiplexer/demultiplexer
PON Splitter Splitting or combining signals in optical fibers.
EPON ONU Optical network unit for Ethernt passive optical network

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