When Data Center Cooling Methods Become Interesting
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When Data Center Cooling Methods Become Interesting

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In recent years, not only the weather has been getting steadily warmer, but also some data centers or server rooms have been getting warmer. Of course, they become warmer is not because the climate. In fact, more data centers will be coming online as agencies load up on big data and move to the cloud. Thousands of equipment running in data center lead the data center facing the hits of heatwaves. Cooling may be one of the biggest problems to overcome and is always a hot topic. IT technicians, from all over the world, of the large or small data centers show their cooling methods to respond to this hot topic. Today, we are going to introduce some interesting data center cooling methods in this post, but not talking about the dull data center cooling technologies.

Natural, Pure Natural Cooling

With the problems that data centers have with cooling, the Antarctic is perhaps the ideal site for such a facility. McMurdo Station is such a good data center located in South Pole, as a scientific research center for the US. Of course, places such underground, cave, and mountain which bring their own natural cooling advantages are also ideal solutions for data center cooling.

mcmurdo station antarctica datacenter

Electric Fans, Simple & Low-Cost

Air-conditioning system seems to be the most commonly used cooling method nowadays. However, the cost is higher. Some old air-conditioning system cannot satisfy the requirement any more with the increasing number of running equipment. No money to upgrade, what can we do? In some small server room, the electric fans are in favour with IT technicians. Actually, in some experts’ opinions, using non-dedicated electric fans to cool is not a good idea, because it may blow the dust into the devices.


Cold Beers, Not Only for Drinking but Also for Cooling

As we all know, cold beers are good drinks, especially for relieving heat. However, now they have another purpose for use, as shown in the picture below. IT technicians utilize them as the frame and also as the cooling system for the servers. Do you think it is a valuable cooling method?


Advanced Technology, Liquid Cooling Comes Ture

No fans, no beers, here is only liquid. We all know that water and electronics—a dangerous combination, but is always? Modern technology allows to build a “submarine” Data Center now by using liquid cooling methods. It is not funny method. It is real, and it is an advanced technology at present.

How does the “submarine” Data Center look like? The following picture shows a “submarine” data center, but it is not the one that we mention here. It is just a data center which experienced a hurricane disaster.


In fact, the so called liquid cooling method is to put the devices, e.g. servers completely in the liquid (e.g. mineral oil), preferably with a greater thermal conductivity and heat capacity, which will not have a negative effect on the components of the server, as shown in the picture below.

liquid cooling

After reading these cooling methods, do you have any new idea for your data center cooling system? Please join our social communities and share your mind.

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