When Information Explosion Meets Big Data
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When Information Explosion Meets Big Data

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When Information Explosion Meets Big Data

Nearly fourteen billion years ago, the big bang of the universe transferred the world from a hot dense state to a totally different new world. Every moment something new is happening. As a small part of this new world, human now is also experiencing a big bang. However, this time, it’s about information, which is changing people’s life tremendously and is known as big data.

What Is Big Data?

Big data is no longer a strange word to us. It is generally used to describe a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data which is so large and complex that can hardly be processed by traditional database and software techniques. It is also a high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making. Usually data scientists break big data into four dimensions:

  • Volume: refers to the vast amounts of data generated every second.
  • Velocity:refers to the speed at which new data is generated and the speed at which data moves around.
  • Variety: refers to the various types of data which can be use.
  • Veracity: refers to the uncertainty of data.


What Can Big Data Do?

Since the appearance of the Internet, the way people communicating have changed a lot and the information produced had increased largely with the characteristics of immense, variety and velocity. The right use of big data allows analysts to spot trends and gives niche insights that help create value and innovation much faster than conventional methods. To better understand the benefits of big data, here listed several things that big data can do to improve people’s daily life.

  • Help to provide better healthcare services—the application of big data can help medical researchers and doctors to aggregate information about healthcare outcomes to reveal better treatments. Doctors can make the diagnosis and choices more quickly with the information collected by other medical staff.
  • Help to adjust traffic flow—with the information collected by sensors, GPS data and social media, the transport sector can manage traffic flows. There will be fewer accidents and traffic jams.
  • Help to manage business—for instance, consumer product companies and retail organizations can monitor social media like Facebook and Twitter to get an unprecedented view into customer behavior, preferences, and product perception.
  • Help to increase productivity and food security—with the data of the ways people farming today, a more efficient use of natural resource and advanced technologies to produce safer food and increase productivity can be found.


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Big Data & Optical Communication Industry

Apparently Big data has tremendous possibilities. However, as data are accumulating at exponentially increasing rates, to make use of those information won’t be that easy. Except difficulties like understanding the data, display meaningful results and dealing with outliers, the using of big data is also facing challenges like data transmitting and data storage which are related to optical communication and are affecting the industry of optical communication.

As most of the information produced today is being transmitted via Internet. Big data needs to storage and transmit those information which means the transport network for big data must be efficient and with high transmit capacity. In addition, there is another thing stays closely with big data – “Cloud” which refers to a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources from applications to data centers over the Internet instead of your own computer’s hard drive. Cloud stores everyone’s cold, hard data like a big hard drive in the sky. And now, big data will store all the warm and fuzzy relationships between those data sets, a kind of social media for bits and bytes. According to research that the application of Cloud which also requires high speed transmit capacity is currently the biggest driver in continued growth in optical. All in all, big data needs big network, and optical network is now the best solution to satisfy these demands. Some companies today also manufacture optical communication products for big data. In this way, big data and optical communication industry promote each other.

57.6% of organizations surveyed say that big data is a challenge. We currently only see the beginnings of the big data applications which is just the tip of the iceberg. The great potential and possibilities are still there to be explored.

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