Why Are the FS D7000 Series Suitable for DCI Networks?

Posted on Jun 7, 2024 by

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, Data Center Interconnect (DCI) networks are the backbone for seamless data exchange and connectivity between distributed data centers. As the volume of data surges and the need for real-time transmission intensifies, there's an escalating demand for robust, high-capacity, and reliable optical transport solutions. This blog will introduce a series of products tailored to meet the current network demands of DCI — the FS D7000 series.

Introducing the D7000 Series

The D7000 series is a versatile 200G/400G stackable wavelength-division transmission platform designed for high transmission capacity, compact size, low power consumption, and ease of operation and maintenance. It offers seamless optoelectronic integration, enabling unified management of its optical-layer and electrical-layer boards, all-in-one configuration. It also supports dynamic multi-rate mixed transmission. With a comprehensive suite of advanced components—200/400G Muxponder, EDFA, TFF, OPB, ROADM, OTDR, and OCM—it ensures robust performance and adaptability to diverse customer requirements.

With its flexible networking capabilities, extensive service interfaces, varied power options, and optoelectronic coaxial functionality, the D7000 series is ideally suited for interconnecting small, medium, and large data centers, metro and wide-area operator networks, as well as providing interconnection and backup solutions for enterprise networks and computing centers.