M6800 TSP Solution Helps an ISP Build a 100G Network with 3.2T Capacity

Posted on Apr 18, 2023


Our customer is a leading telecommunications operator in the UK, playing an essential role in advancing smart cities. Over the past two years, the customer has experienced significant growth and established long-term partnerships with prestigious British higher education and research institutions. They are now collaborating with the British railway system to build a robust network connecting multiple northern cities. With the history of successful cooperation with FS, the client looks forward to working with FS once again for 100G coherent solutions, multi-city network deployment, centralized management, and 3.2T high-capacity services.

Company Profile

The customer, a UK-based telecommunications operator founded in the 20th century, specializes in providing secure and reliable wholesale access to fixed and mobile networks for governments, businesses, and innovators. They are responsible for supplying voice services and numbering to over 80 million numbers for more than 20 UK ISPs, routing up to one million SMS text messages per day, and supporting over 40 UK MVNO brands. The client owns and operates a significant national data network with secure data center sites located within the UK.

The customer's national network spans multiple sites with a significant presence in key points of presence inside and outside of London, allowing the client to operate a highly interconnected network with complete geographic resilience.

"If you ever have a prospective customer who you would like us to advise them on your service and products privately we’re happy to support you." - Mr. Adam, CEO and Founder


The project involves a chain network structure with four sites, and the longest distance between sites is 260km. The network must support high transmission capacity of up to 3.2T business capacity to facilitate subsequent data transmission.

Product training is required for the project. However, confidentiality is a top priority for the company, and external remote operation of equipment is prohibited due to internal security protocols.

The project has specific software management requirements, and the company is seeking software customization services.


Ultra-high Ccapacity, Long-distance, 40CH*200G Capacity

The customer's network utilizes a chain topology, consisting of four sites, with three sites requiring high-speed transmission services and a requirement for transparent transmission between sites. The longest transmission path exceeds 260km, and to meet this challenging requirement, FS has dedicated a professional team to provide tailored solutions. For this project, FS has proposed a customized solution based on M series equipment, specifically the M6800 series TSP16 equipment, 200G coherent modules, 40-channel MUX/DEMUX, EDFA, and other advanced products. This solution is designed to expand the network's capacity to support 3.2T businesses and meet the exact needs of the customer.

Professional Technical Support, Complete Solutions and High-quality Customer Service

The customer had concerns and doubts about using FS M series products. To address this, we provided professional technical support services throughout the project. In the initial stage, we used tables and Google Earth software to mark the distance and business volume of each site, which helped us to provide a complete solution tailored to the customer's specific location and circumstances. We also provided visual pictures with standardized descriptions of different product models to assist the customer in making informed decisions and budget calculations.

Due to confidentiality restrictions, we were unable to offer remote video conferencing or operation guidance during the project. As an alternative, we provided customers with product installation guidance through physical map drawings and helped them to master and apply our network management software through demonstrations.

FS expert team responded to customer demands with high efficiency, providing comprehensive solutions in the shortest possible time. Even after delivery, we continue to provide value-added services and ensure the continued success of our customers with top-quality experience.

Customized Software, Meeting in-depth Needs

FS expert team conducted in-depth demand research and analysis from the customer's perspective to enhance their service experience. After gaining a thorough understanding of their software usage needs, our expert team presented several targeted optimization proposals to meet their unique requirements.

Our Software development team quickly responded to the customer's needs and promptly completed the upgrade of a customized software version to ensure an optimal experience from optimized software. We were proud to provide top-quality service and solution to our customers, which was consistent with our commitment to the highest quality standards.


As a promoter of "smart cities," telecom operators require high-capacity networks to build a wide area network. To stay current with industry trends, many are transitioning from traditional DWDM solutions to coherent solutions. At FS, we offer a 100G M-Series network solution that fully meets the current and subsequent expansion needs of customers, allowing for further business expansion in the future.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at FS. We offer full-service solutions before, during, and after sales, constantly adjusting and optimizing our solutions to meet your needs. If you’re facing similar business challenges or want to learn more about our offerings, please don't hesitate to contact our team. Let us help you achieve network success!

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