Posted on Aug 19, 2023
Founded in 2013, our client is a wireless communication network service provider in the Philippines. It currently provides commercial wireless services through its 2G, 3G, 3.5G HSPA+, 4G LTE, and LTE-A networks, and has deployed 5G in multiple locations in the Philippines. The passive WDM solution provided by FS.com can not only maximize the utilization of existing fiber resources and save network upgrade costs but also help Philippine wireless communication operators build stable and reliable networks in commercial areas.
  • Challenge 1
    There is a shortage of fiber resources, and customers require upgrading to 5G on existing 4G base station fiber resources.
  • Challenge 2
    The adopted products need to ensure compatibility with existing network equipment from different brands.
  • Challenge 3
    High network stability and reliability are required to ensure long-term and efficient operation of the network in commercial areas.
  • Sharing Fiber Resources Enables a Rapid Network Upgrade
    The FS solution team proposed a 4G/5G hybrid networking approach to rapidly upgrade the business district's 5G network. A color-light module and a wavelength division multiplexing box enable optical fiber resource sharing. This saves customers' fiber optic resources, reduces network upgrade costs, and achieves a rapid network upgrade.
  • Wireless Color Optical Modules Ensure Stability and Reliability
    The FS solution team has adopted 10G CWDM optical modules that are small in size and highly integrated with SFP+ packaging while being equipped with high-performance laser chips. They ensure high-speed operation, even in outdoor harsh environments and various electromagnetic environments. Additionally, they effectively ensure the efficient transmission of data.
  • Reduce Network Expansion Costs Through Excellent Hardware And Software Compatibility
    The FS solution team conducted rigorous compatibility tests on equipment. The test results show that all FS products can be used normally with the customer's existing branded equipment. FS solution products are not only perfectly compatible with existing equipment in the commercial network but also help customers effectively reduce the cost of network expansion.
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