100G DWDM PAM4 Solution for 80km Data Center Interconnection Upgrade

As 5G, Big Data, Cloud Storage, Live Broadcast platforms, and network security rapidly develop, Telecom operators face tremendous challenges and opportunities. As an infrastructure builder and network service provider, the key to success is to build a fast and flexible network for different customers. The FS Dynamic Connectivity Platform(DCP) is a 100G DWDM open line system for 80km Data Center interconnections, with automatic fiber distance measurement and dispersion compensation settings, highly integrated built-in Mux, EDFA, DCM, and other functional modules, easy deployment, convenient operation and maintenance, and 1U space realization of high capacity service transmission up to 2.0T.


The client is a telecommunications operator based in Europe, providing customers with high-quality, efficient, reliable, and secure communication services. Despite having nearly 10,000 hosted web sites, thousands of virtual servers, and serving millions of customers, the client has fewer than 200 network maintenance employees. With the expansion of the business and the rapid development of the network, the client has identified problems in the current network that are hindering their vision. To better serve users without incurring additional network costs, the client is seeking to upgrade the transmission network of their data centers at two existing sites. The goal is to achieve high performance, reliability, flexible expansion, and simplified operation and maintenance management to match its business needs. This move is necessary as the client's business has expanded to cover European countries and other parts of the world, with its own data centers in various locations.

"FS solution surpassed our expectations, meeting our strict requirements for a 100G solution with low latency, optimal physical layer security, and multi-protocol compatibility." - Senior Technical Engineer


Due to the explosive growth of business, current 10G bandwidth is not enough to meet business transmission needs.

The demand for data centers is expanding constantly, while the client faces limited space.

The current 100G solution is largely based on 100G coherent technology, but the cost of coherent transceivers is prohibitively high.

Deployment of DWDM solutions, along with their post-operation and maintenance, necessitate a certain level of technical expertise, resulting in high costs for hiring personnel.


New Choice for 80km DCI, the Cost-Effective PAM4 Solution

The traditional coherent system with coherent modules is effective for long-distance transmission, but it is costly and consumes a lot of power. It's more suitable for transmission over 80km. For the customer's data centers within a distance of 80km, we suggest using FS DCP, 40 channels 100G DWDM PAM4 open line system. DCP is a comprehensive dynamic connectivity platform with built-in 40CH Mux/Demux, EDFA, DCM, AWG, OSC, and other functional modules. It's a more economical option with lower signal power consumption and noise, making it better suited for transmission distances within 80km. Compared to traditional coherent solutions, FS PAM4 solution provides the expected transmission effect while offering cost savings and higher cost-effectiveness.

2.0T High Capacity Platform in 1U, 300% Cabinet Space Saving

With the growth in big data and cloud computing, data traffic has surged, leading to increased bandwidth demands on backbone and core networks. To meet the growing user experience expectations, our client plans to upgrade two nearby data centers to 100G from the current 10G rate. However, existing frame equipment isn't compatible with heat dissipation, power supply, installation method, and equipment form requirements. The data center server room also needs improvement. To address these issues and meet the customer's business transmission needs, we propose FS DCP open line system. It supports 20*100G service transmission and has a standard 1U design, which is more integrated than traditional frame types requiring 4U of space. Deploying DCP can upgrade bandwidth from 10G to 100G, expand business volume from 400G to 2.0T, increase space utilization rate 3 times, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and increase unit space revenue.

Automatic, Plug-and-Play, Lower Operation & Maintenance Costs

The customer's old equipment is complicated and needs experts to set up and maintain it. This makes it risky for the business if mistakes are made during the connection process. FS DCP has advanced features like automatic commissioning, which simplifies the process and reduces the time it takes to set up. The platform also has built-in modules that are easily plug-and-play and can automatically configure themselves. This makes it easier to manage large amounts of data with less staff and lower costs. FS DCP simplifies O&M, speeds up deployment, and helps organizations manage large data volumes effortlessly, ultimately reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.


All-in-One Solution for Reduced Cost, Increased Bandwidth, Scalability, and Ease of Use

FS 100G DWDM PAM4 is the most cost-effective point-to-point transmission solution within 80km, and is widely used in local data center interconnection, metro network transmission, and distributed access scenarios. It offers higher speed, longer distance, lower latency, higher density, and more flexible configuration, meeting customers' changing needs and requirements. FS will continue to develop and iterate its products to ensure it remains an optimal solution for local customers.

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