100G High-Density MTP Cabling in Institute of Biology

Posted on May 31, 2022


With its reliability and high performance, MTP/MPO technology has become a vital element in high-density data centers. To assure the data transmission in MTP/MPO systems, it is paramount to maintain the right polarity throughout. The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, a research institute, wanted to link three rooms together using both MTP and LC cabling.


Our client’s requirements included: The distance between Room A to Room B is 67 meters, and Room A to Room C 195 meters.


Inside the rack of each room, MTP cabling is installed to connect MTP up-to-down panels with the 100G PSM4 transceiver plugged into the switch and LC cabling is used to connect the MTP-LC cassette with CWDM4 transceiver.

As for connectivity between Room A to B and Room A to C, Type A cassette and Type AF cassette are deployed on each side of the link to offer efficient utilization of rack space and simplify cable management. Then 24 fibers (2×MTP-12) Type A MTP trunk is chosen to connect the two cassettes to maintain proper polarity. Similarly, a 72 fibers (6×MTP-12) Type A MTP trunk is used for linking the MTP up-to-down panels. It answers the client’s need to terminate 96 fibers with 8 MTP-12 connectors.

High-Density MTP Cabling


To maintain the right polarity in MTP/MPO system is not easy. While FS successfully helps our client solve the polarity issues and build a highly scalable MTP cabling network. This solution makes the interconnection between three rooms possible in an easy and organized way.

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