Posted on Aug 16, 2023
The MRC Molecular Biology Laboratory, a research institution driving cutting-edge advancements in bioscience, faces the challenge of interconnecting three rooms through MTP and LC cabling to achieve high-density data transmission within their data center. Maintaining correct polarity throughout the process is vital for the MTP/MPO system's data transfer. FS offers the perfect solution for the MRC Lab's needs.
  • Challenge 1
    Connecting networks across 3 rooms using MTP cables.
  • Challenge 2
    Room A is 67 meters away from Room B, and 195 meters away from Room C.
  • Challenge 3
    Complex cable management and limited network space hinder easy expansion.
  • High-Speed, High-Density Fiber Connections
    FS technical team installed MTP cabling in each room's racks, connecting 100G PSM4 transceivers with switches. MTP-LC cassettes were used for CWDM4 transceivers, meeting performance requirements for a high-speed, high-density, and simplified fiber connection solution.
  • Streamline Cabling for High-Density Solutions
    The FS team simplified cable management by deploying Type A and Type AF cassettes on both sides of connections between Room A and Room B, and Room A and Room C. They used 24-fiber and 72-fiber Type A MTP trunks for correct polarity and MTP top-down panel connections. This high-density MTP cabling solution terminated 96 fibers with 8 MTP-12 connectors, fully meeting the customer's needs.
  • Unleash Scalability with FS Cutting-Edge MTP Cabling Network
    Maintaining correct polarity in an MTP/MPO system is not easy. FS used high-density cabling solutions to help customers solve polarity problems and build a highly scalable MTP cabling network. This solution made possible the interconnection between the three rooms, in a simple and organized way.
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