10G DWDM Transmission Over Three Data Centers

Posted on May 31, 2022


There is no denying that DWDM technology has been the preferred solution for enterprises used in long-haul transmission for its unique advantages such as increasing bandwidth and maximum utilization of fiber. NEC, one of our clients, needed a DWDM solution to achieve 10G data transmission, which allows network expansion in three sites.


The client wanted to deploy DWDM network including three links: 16.8 km from Site A to Site B, 26.05 km from Site B to Site C, and 42.85 km from Site A to Site C. Without any information about the actual link loss, it required the whole cabling meet the present and future needs. Besides, the client wondered where to place EDFA since there was no power in Site B.


Two pairs of 16CH DWDM Mux/Demuxs are deployed in 42.85km long-haul transmission between Site A and Site C. With the consideration of future network expansion, 8 channels are reserved for future transmission between every two sites.

As there is no power in Site B and the great fiber loss during the transmission, EDFAs are utilized at both Site A and Site C. By introducing the preamplifier in the transmit side of the end of fiber, the optical signals are boosted.

In Site B, the optic attenuators are placed to make the signal transmitted through the switch consistent with the signal from Site A to Site C for the EDFA gain flattening. What’s more, attenuators are used behind the OPAs, thus keeping the TX value of 10G DWDM transceiver in a proper range.

10G DWDM Transmission


In this case, FS builds a scalable DWDM network solution that meets the client’s demand for further expansion. There are many other cases where FS helps clients build an efficient network with DWDM solution. FS experts are devoted to providing the perfect solution for your data center based on your specific environment.

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