10G Redundant Connection for Storage Cabinets and Servers


A reliable network solution could save much time and energy for users. Trapped in network construction, one of our customers turned to FS for help, hoping to receive a 10G redundant connection solution for storage cabinets and servers.


The customer wants to get redundant connections to four storage cabinets and three servers over 10GB SFP+ link. And 250 1GB ports are needed for user network with 10GB link to the server trunk and cabinets. While there is only one firewall with 1 GB copper RJ45 connections. How to balance the requirements becomes a tough thing.


According to customers’ needs, FS provides a network connection solution. The overall design of the solution adopts the MLAG function, making fully redundant links at the core and access layers, to avoid network paralysis caused by a single point of failure from the core and the access switches.

The Core Layer: Two FS S5850-32S2Q switches are connected by 40G link trunk. Each of the S5850-32S2Q connects the firewall with a 1G copper module and network cable, realizing the MLAG connection for link redundancy.

The Access Layer: FS S3900-48T4S switches are used as access switches to link terminal devices of the user area. Each of them establishes a 10G uplink connection with S5850-32S2Q using MLAG. In addition, servers and cabins set up 10G connections with the two S5850-32S2Q over MLAG as well. All the MLAG design achieves high reliability and network redundancy for the whole network.

Note: The 10G port speed of S5850-32S2Q needs to be set to 1G for firewall connection.



FS successfully assists this customer to realize the 10G redundant connection and recommends corresponding products such as enterprise network switches, transceivers, copper & fiber cables, etc. This solution gains the favor of the customer with its high reliability, security and redundancy.

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