25G DWDM Network for 1Tb/s Transmission System Between Two Sites

Updated on Jun 2, 2022


Our customer works as an Internet Data Center service provider who wants to build a fiber optic link between two sites to handle up to 1TB data traffic. The two sites are 22km away from each other.


Our customer is in need of a TB-level transmission system.


25G link carries larger capacity than 10G link does. Together with the 40CH DWDM MUXs, 1000G volume of data can be sent at the same time.

Two optical line protection switches (OLP) are added to provide a backup path when the primary one encounters large link loss or breaks down. In this way, they can guarantee the smooth running of the network.

FS 40CH DWDM MUX/DEMUX are equipped with monitor port which can work as an optical splitter to set certain business signal aside for monitoring. It won’t affect the data transmission.

The booster amplifier operates at the transmission side of the link to amplify aggregated optical input power for reach extension. OPAs are placed before the DEMUXs to increase the optical power level of DWDM channels before being received. The TDCM modules are, in particular, placed in the 25G DWDM transmission system which is required to ensure the accuracy of dispersion compensation. With these in place, there can be a 3dB surplus even when the link loss reaches 12dB.



In this case, we helped our customer build a 25G DWDM network which realizes 1Tb/s large capacity transmission between two sites. The cost efficient solution not only covers long-range data transmission but also saves costs compared to 100G coherent DWDM program.

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