FS 25G DWDM Solution Helping a Financial Services Corp Successfully Realize Network Upgrade


In the 5G era, financial service providers are facing higher network requirements and greater network pressure. In order to better meet customer needs and improve network performance, financial service providers need to upgrade their network solutions.

Currently, the two sites are running a 10G DWDM network covering 32km. The customer hopes to gradually upgrade to a 25G DWDM network between the two sites to better meet traffic demands. FS.com helped this financial service provider build a more cost-effective 25G DWDM network solution through 25G DWDM 10km optical transceiver and EDFA & TDCM.

Founded in 2003,they are a global team of 2,000+ people building software that helps the financial services industry perform at its best. From the world's most iconic financial services brands to advice firms of all sizes, challenger banks, insurers, investment managers, traders and brokers, more than 9,000 businesses and half a million people use its software to help them perform better and deliver more.

It operates across North America, Asia Pacific, United Kingdom, Europe and Africa.

" FS provides us with an efficient and reliable network solution, enabling us to transfer data faster and improve work efficiency. Also, it is very easy to install and maintain, saving us time and money. We are very happy with this solution and will continue to use it."


Network upgrade requires substantial human, material and financial resources, and the customer needs to ensure the balance between the cost and benefit of the upgrade.

Based on the service continuity requirements of the financial industry, the customer hopes that the network upgrade does not involve the adjustment and switching of core equipment.

Financial services need to process a large amount of data, and network upgrades need to ensure that the new system is compatible with the existing system to avoid loss or damage of user data and transaction information.


25G DWDM Solution Achieves a Cost-benefit Balance for Network Upgrades

As a financial service provider, the customer's overall traffic needs are very high, and it is difficult to find a 25G DWDM 40KM module that meets his budget in the market, so he asked FS for help. Since the client already has purchase a 40-channel DWDM MUX DEMUX from FS, fully considering future network expansion and the overall cost, FS recomends 25G DWDM solution to the client, including 10km 25G DWDM module, Tunable Dispersion Compensation Module (TDCM) , EDFA and other products to realize signal relay and amplification. This solution can meet the customer's current demand and can greatly save costs for future expansion. If the 40km module solution is adopted, it will cost a lot when the capacity is expanded later.

FS EDFA is widely used to extend the optical link power budget for building long distance DWDM solutions. FS TDCM has accurate and dynamic control of chromatic dispersion for all channels simultaneously in optical communication networks. 25G DWDM 10km transceiver with TDCM, EDFA and other products can provide higher signal gain and better signal quality, ensuring the reliability and performance of transmission. In this solution, the hot-swappable EDFA/OEO/DCM card can be highly integrated with the FMT 1U management platform. This platform has powerful data processing capabilities and supports rapid configuration and intelligent management of functional modules. The customer can remotely view important data, alarms, reports, etc. through monitoring and online management, which greatly simplifies the operation and maintenance work and saves labor costs.

No Service Interruption, Smooth Network Upgrade

In the financial industry, critical network equipment switching can affect service continuity. The customer currently plans to use two 25G channels in the etherchannel to obtain 50Gbps capacity, but the customer's switch Arista DCS-7060CX-32S-R, which only has 100G and 10G ports, cannot directly meet the demand for 50Gbps capacity. The FS team recommends the customer to use 100G QSFP28 to 4X25G SFP28 AOC connection to solve this problem. This solution achieves the 50Gbps capacity required by customers by utilizing the 100G ports of existing equipment and splitting them into four 25G lanes. This solution is not only efficient and reliable, but also economical, improves business flexibility, and helps customers achieve smooth network upgrades.

Demo Test Ensures That the System Is Fully Compatible

The customer has concerns about whether the upgraded 25G DWDM network is compatible with the previous 10G DWDM network, if not, it may lead to data loss and huge losses. Thus FS provides a demo test to verify the compatibility of the system. Our engineers have set up a test environment consistent with the customer's application scenario in the laboratory to help customers experience the operation remotely. The customer has more confidence in the solution after the actual operation.

After delivery, the FS professional team assists customers in system installation and cooperative debugging to ensure full compatibility of network equipment and ensure that the network can operate as expected without any failures. Our team will provide customers with comprehensive technical support to ensure that customers can use our network equipment quickly and efficiently.


As a large financial service provider, a higher-speed network is required to meet the demand for massive data transmission. The transition from 10G to 25G is an industry trend. FS 25G DWDM network solution can fully meet the current needs of customers and prepare for further business expansion in the future. Even if customers are not proficient in optical transmission network solutions, there is no need to worry. FS professional team will review the customer's current network, requirements and suggestions, and customize an exclusive optical transmission solution. Customer-centric is the service tenet of FS. FS will continue to adjust the details of the solution in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

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