Flexible PoE Solution for Office Network


PoE is a widely used technology in networking which brings many advantages to an installation. VoIP phones and WIFI APs are often the key PoE applications. Our customer from Switzerland needed a solution for his office network. Their ISP offered 10Gb Ethernet connections and the solution should include PCs, VoIP phones, servers and wireless hotspots connection for personals in the office.


The client had an urgent need but was not familiar with FS network switches, therefore which devices to be chosen was not decided. The whole application was expected to be with RJ45 Ethernet.


After getting the client’s information, FS delivered a flexible and future-proof solution in a short time.

S1150-8T2F 8-port PoE+ managed switch transmitted 1G data for 4 iMacs and 2 wireless hotspots while supplying power in the meantime, which both simplifies installation and lowers infrastructure costs.

There were 12 MacPros and 2 Mac servers that needed 10G connection and the devices should meet fast shipping needs. S5850-32S2Q switch which came with 10G ports were in stock, both meeting the client’s needs and feasible for future network expansion.

The whole application was required to be RJ45 connection, therefore RJ45 module was used on the S5850-32S2Q switch to transform fiber to copper.

PoE Solution


With the use of the PoE switch, the office network solution is a feasible idea to enhance network deployment flexibility as well as stability. Management for the whole network has been streamlined so that even a person new to FS switches can easily understand.

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