A Global Retail Chain Client Partnered with FS to Build a 400G Data Center

"We are very grateful to FS for providing a 400G transceiver solution, which is an important guarantee for our success in building a high-density low consumption data center. FS team's professional technical support and perfect after-sales service, so that we are full of confidence in the implementation of the program. Now, we have improved the performance and reliability of our data centers, which is critical to our business growth. Thank you FS for your support and help" - Michael Stam(Technology Director)

Client Needs & Challenges

The client is a global retail chain specializing in food and department stores with over 500 stores and over 150 distribution centers in nine countries worldwide. As the retail business grows, the client needs a new data center that could deploy more servers and storage devices in the limited space. Upgrade all switches to 400G rate to support the business systems of sales, inventory management, supply chain, logistics, and customer service to ensure efficiency.


FS provides a solution using QSFPDD-DR4/FR4/LR4/SR8-400G modules attached directly. Fully upgrading to 400G could reduce the overall power consumption while the volume of devices remains unchanged and speed increases.

High-density Deployment Improves Energy Efficiency

The client handles large volumes of data in the sales, inventory management, supply chain, and logistics management systems. A higher-density data center is urgently needed. After several discussions, FS expert team finally decided to deploy it through direct-attach with the corresponding fiber patch cable to connect modules at both ends. FS experts chose FS QSFPDD-DR4/FR4/LR4/SR8-400G modules for the client. Compared to OSFP modules, QSFP-DD has a smaller size. A tighter deployment approach accommodates more servers and storage devices in the limited space, thus saving space and reducing the overall floorspace, using resources more effectively, increasing compute and storage capacity, and improving efficiency and performance.

High-density Deployment Improves Energy Efficiency

Diversified Product Portfolio, One-stop Supply

Building a new data center is a big project. Michael pointed out that product selection and configuration should consider uses in different situations. For this requirement, FS experts provided a diverse portfolio of 400G products, ranging from AOC and SR8 for short distances to DR4 and FR4 for interconnection within the data center and LR4 and ER8 for long distances. A wide range of transmission distance options is available for the cables and accessories used for the connection, supporting from 500m to 40km. There is enough margin to cope with link budget reduction in the future due to device deterioration and fiber optic link aging. It is convenient for the client to choose products corresponding to different transmission distances and application scenarios based on actual needs. Michael expressed appreciation for FS's one-stop supply, feeling convenient and hassle-free.

Diversified Product Portfolio, One-stop Supply

High Integration, Low Power Consumption

In the data center, low power consumption has become a vital consideration. High power consumption leads to expensive energy costs, affects the environment, and requires more space for heat dissipation, thus increasing the cost. In addition, high power consumption can lead to system overheating, which can damage hardware equipment and affect the reliability and stability of the data center. During the initial contact, the client also clearly expressed expectations to ensure the overall performance and efficiency of the data center while operating at a low cost, reducing environmental impact, and improving reliability and stability. After several negotiations clarifying the client's needs, the FS expert team decided to use the 400G-DR4/FR4/LR4 models in the solution, which use smaller size DSP chips to ensure high integration and lower power consumption than the industry(10W), reducing the input cost and keeping the equipment volume unchanged. Reduce overall data center power consumption while increasing speed.

High Integration, Low Power Consumption

Client Benefits

It is a forward-looking decision to build the high-density, low-power 400G interconnect data center with FS. FS provides a solution using direct attach QSFPDD-DR4/FR4/LR4/SR8-400G modules. It could reduce the overall power consumption of the data center while keeping the data center equipment volume unchanged and also increase the data center speed. With this cooperation, the client appreciates FS's effort and achieves a win-win. As a professional optical communication solution provider, FS has been committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective solutions. FS has self-developed product lines that satisfy clients' needs in different scenarios. This cooperation fully demonstrates FS's technical strength and service capability and injects new momentum into the industry.

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