Posted on Jul 29, 2023
Our client (hereinafter called "The Client"), a broadcasting company, provides online news, sports content reports, and on-demand services. The company provides 29 language websites and is one of the most visited news websites in the world. To cope with the increasing data traffic and high-quality audio and video services, they need to establish an efficient and stable network infrastructure.
  • Challenge 1
    Old devices are outdated, bandwidth can't meet demand and inexplicable restarts.
  • Challenge 2
    Technical issues, such as existing software not being compatible with the device.
  • Challenge 3
    Hope for 1-week delivery to ensure on-time project completion & quick use.
  • Upgrade Network with FS Professional Support
    To enhance the user network experience, FS has achieved significant performance improvements by deploying advanced S5860-20SQ core switches and S3410-10TF-P and S3910-48TS access switches for networking, increasing export bandwidth from 10G to 40G, effectively reducing costs and maximizing return on investment.
  • Complete Solutions, Superior Service Guaranteed
    The customer needed to provide high-quality audio and video services, so FS recommended upgrading their network equipment to better support the transmission of IP audio protocols. The FS expert team promptly responded to the customer's needs, delivering comprehensive solutions for seamless project execution. We always provide consistently valuable services.
  • Global Warehouse Ensures Ample Stock and Rapid Delivery
    Our warehouse capabilities enabled the customer to achieve 1-week delivery and helped them quickly install and put into use. Up to now, we have deployed localized warehousing service centers in the United States, Europe, Australia, Singapore, Japan, etc., and cooperate with international logistics and local express companies to ensure transportation efficiency and cargo safety.
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