Posted on Jul 27, 2023
The client company is a major player in Australia's natural resources sector, connecting the resources of 25 mining operations with international industrial clients. Through FS first-class network packet distributor T5850-24S2C, real-time visualization and monitoring of network traffic are realized, so identify, and solve network security problems promptly.
  • Challenge 1
    The extensive network scale and wide coverage posed network monitoring and management challenges.
  • Challenge 2
    It's not easy to quickly get real-time network status, performance information, and notifications of various alarms and events.
  • High-Performance Products Meet Customer Needs
    T5850-24S2C can help network administrators to process and manage data packets in the network. It also enhances equipment reliability and stability through its redundancy mechanism. The custom NTP time synchronization function simplifies event logging, troubleshooting, and other operations. By synchronizing with an NTP server, all devices in the network can achieve time synchronization.
  • Customized Solutions for Easy Device Management
    FS assists in changing the default configuration of the device in advance before sending it to the customer to facilitate the user to quickly identify and manage the device. FS is committed to providing customer with customized solution through efficient video conferencing. In addition, FS provides demo network management software and provides valuable service and high-quality experience.
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