A Large US Group Builds a Smart Factory with FS Campus Wired Solution


Founded in 1949, Our client (hereinafter called "The Client"), a US food company, is dedicated to the production and delivery of high-quality, healthy food products. It has a wide range of products, including organic, natural, gluten-free, protein, vegetarian, snack foods, processed foods, and other types of food products. It aims to meet modern consumers' needs for health, quality, and sustainability.

"After many programs demonstration and communication, we feel that FS's program based on business scenarios meets our needs, and we have a deep understanding of the current situation of the enterprise's smart factory, and the planning and construction of the network program is also very good. We will gradually increase various business systems at a later stage to meet more challenges of enterprise growth, and I believe we can do better in the future." — Jason Rodriguez (IT)

Customer Needs & Challenges

The Client hopes to open up business links from suppliers, procurement and logistics, production planning, and sales management in this informatization business construction, so as to improve standardization, efficiency, and the ability to deal with abnormalities, and each business has increasingly high requirements and challenges for the network, which requires not only reliable and stable network equipment, but also a unified management and operation and maintenance system to support the normal operation of its huge business.

Food processing is the "front line" of implementing national food safety regulations. All aspects of food quality, production safety, process control, and monitoring and management require the coordination of the DCS system, MES system, and ERP system, which places high demands on network transmission performance and security.

The Solution

Based on the business scenario requirements of The Client's flagship factory, FS assisted The Client to further integrate and innovate the "smart factory solution", and built a network infrastructure platform that can adapt to various levels of demand and business development by leveraging the functional characteristics of core equipment virtualization, security and operation, and maintenance management products under the premise of business stability and security.

Meeting the needs of complex industrial environments

To meet the different needs of production scenarios and office scenarios, FS provides an intelligent factory solution for The Client's flagship factory. The solution utilizes innovative technologies and core equipment virtualization, security features, and industrial-grade hardware devices to build a network infrastructure platform that adapts to the needs and business development at all levels, improving the stability and security of the business.

A large US group builds a smart factory with FS campus wired solution

For wide temperatures, high humidity, and corrosion resistance in production networks, FS industrial-grade switch IES3100-8TF-P, equipped with an IP30-rated metal enclosure, can operate over a wide temperature range of -40 to 75°C (-40 to 167°F). With a PoE/PoE+ power budget of up to 240W, it can meet the connectivity of IP cameras, telephones, wireless access points, sensors, and many other end devices.

With this solution, The Client can effectively improve not only the stability, security, and complexity of production and office networks, but also the production environment.

Multi-level redundancy & virtualization technology helps campus network architecture be stable and efficient

FS adopted a multi-level architecture redundancy to build the core backbone of the campus network architecture, aiming to improve the stability of the entire campus network and ensure efficient and convenient network management. To meet the performance requirements of the enterprise, FS recommends The Client should choose the core equipment with CLOS architecture, which can improve the stability and availability of the network.

A large US group builds a smart factory with FS campus wired solution

In the aggregation and core layer, FS recommends FS S5860 series switches, namely S5860-48SC and S5860-24XB-U, which adopt link aggregation & stacking networking technology. Link and device redundancy is taken into account, so that even if one of the switches fails, the whole network can still maintain stable operation without downtime or outage, thus further enhancing the stability of network equipment. In addition, all network backbone equipment of the campus adopts virtualization technology to maximize the utilization of network bandwidth, thus improving network throughput and scalability.

Security authentication of user access

To ensure the security of the campus intranet, FS attaches great importance to the construction of the security protection system. First, by setting security policies, only certified and authorized terminals and personnel can access the network, thus ensuring that legitimate user-authenticated terminals can access controlled resources through the authorized network.

A large US group builds a smart factory with FS campus wired solution

Secondly, in the interconnection area, FS uses NSG-5220 firewall equipment to effectively protect network egress security while preventing external hacker attacks and internal data leakage. In addition, the FS overall solution complies with the level protection standard, providing all-around security for the campus intranet. For different business areas, FS recommends differentiation through logical isolation within the office network to avoid network security penetration. In this way, information assets on the campus are reliably protected and users' network experience is fully guaranteed.

The Benefits

FS proposes a campus wired solution that can guarantee the security and stability of factory production and office networks through network equipment upgrades. The new campus network built by FS for The Client not only has high-speed, reliable, and secure information collection and data transmission, but also highly centralized computing and intelligent transaction processing capabilities, forging strong soft power for the sustainable development of the campus.

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