Posted on Aug 15, 2023
A client from the advertising, film, and entertainment industry sought a high-capacity, polarity-clear, and future-expandable MTP cabling system for network racks, distribution frames, and server racks. FS offered a 40G high-density structured cabling solution, accelerating cable deployment and management efficiency, aiding the client in achieving network upgrade.
  • Challenge 1
    Deploy 40G-10G and 40G-40G high-density structured cabling in a short period of time.
  • Challenge 2
    Keep the polarity correct and manageable throughout the wiring system.
  • Flexible Wiring Management for Rapid Fault Identification
    In the 40G - 10G links, a Type A MTP trunk cable across the network bay and patch bay is used to extend the link of Type B MTP trunk cable in the network bay for 40G data and it doesn’t change the polarity of the whole link. In the patch bay, these 40G links are broken out into 10G links via MTP-LC cassettes then linked to the 10G server bay via LC-LC cables.
  • Achieving Clear Polarity and Easy Management
    For 40G to 40G connections, there are 2 links in total. Using Type B MTP backbone cables, the polarity remains consistent while extending the link distance. The design optimizes MTP high-density cables and FS FHD system for quick, cost-effective deployment.
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