Accelerating Digital Office: FS Empowers Film Production Company's Network


Established in 2001, the company has emerged as a leader in end-to-end film production in the Indian market, covering visual effects, picture and sound post-production, as well as the supply of high-precision cameras and lenses. With a dedicated team of over 300 talented artists across multiple integrated facilities in India, it is recognized as a trusted partner by global platforms. It collaborates with top-tier content creators to bring captivating storytelling experiences to the world.

"I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the support you provided in sending the quotation we needed. Your timely response and efficient handling of the matter were truly impressive and greatly appreciated. Once again, thank you for your invaluable support. We look forward to continuing to work with you in the future."
- Pat Cluney (IT)

Customer Needs & Challenges

The business expansion has facilitated the establishment of new offices, leading the company to seek enhanced enterprise networking solutions for office network setup. FS.com assisted this film production company in building and designing its corporate network, ensuring smooth daily network operations without any concerns.

The Solution

Our solution provides efficient and customized wired network upgrade services for the client's park network and implements network monitoring and problem-solving through the Airware cloud management platform. This will provide the client with the best network experience and support its business development. We are committed to providing the highest quality technical services to meet the needs of our customers and continuously optimizing our solutions to ensure that our customers always enjoy the best network connectivity and experience.

Equipment Upgrade to Effectively Improve Network Bandwidth

The client's existing network equipment is old and only supports GE bandwidth, often causing congestion during peak periods and being unable to meet daily high-bandwidth, low-latency requirements. Traditional CLI management increases operational costs and the company lacks sufficient technical personnel to resolve faults with different devices quickly.

To solve these problems, our technicians recommended the S5860-20SQ, S3410-48TS-P, and S3910-48TS switches based on the client's needs and arranged them according to different regions.

These switches have dual redundant power supplies and intelligent fans, allowing for power supply replacement without shutting down and improving performance and reliability. They are an economical and practical network solution suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, providing outstanding performance and guaranteeing network stability and reliability. Core and backbone devices are easy to manage and can be seamlessly restored or switched.

Efficient Response, Swift Solution - FS Professional Technical Support to Help Upgrade the Network

FS technical support team provides free personalized solution customization services, aiming to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. We gain a deep understanding of our clients' requirements and design network speed upgrade solutions ranging from 1G to 10G. To ensure our clients fully comprehend and effectively use our solutions, we offer customized plans, demonstrations, and operational guidance services. Additionally, we can swiftly provide test reports based on existing solutions and explain in detail the parameter comparisons among different products to ensure our clients' satisfaction.

FS technical support team is committed to providing high-quality services for our clients and earning their trust and satisfaction. Our clients can easily meet their network demands and achieve an efficient office environment to improve work efficiency during business expansion.

Airware Cloud Management Platform to Effectively Reduce O&M Costs

FS is a leading provider of intelligent network management services for film production companies. Our comprehensive one-stop service encompasses network planning, deployment, acceptance, and maintenance. We also provide advanced geological exploration simulation tools to ensure precise network planning, while our mobile quick deployment tools reduce wait times. Additionally, we offer a one-click report tool to enable clients to easily comprehend network conditions. Leveraging digitalized and intelligent technologies, our solutions streamline remote delivery and maintenance, enhancing efficiency while reducing wireless network usage costs for enterprises. Furthermore, we offer remote services to promptly address issues and ensure network stability and security, empowering our clients with seamless operations.

Airware Cloud Management Platform

The Benefits

FS's well-developed product portfolio and meticulous customer service promptly assist customers in identifying issues and providing appropriate solutions to swiftly resolve problems, minimizing customer inconvenience and losses to the greatest extent possible.

Through a strong collaborative relationship with the company, FS earns its trust, leading to increased customer reliance and subsequent orders. Leveraging professional technical support and services, FS helps it select suitable products, ensuring a smooth setup of its new office network.

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