Accusys Korea Used FS Switches to Realize 20G Network


Accusys Korea, located in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, specializes in providing scalable SAN storage, Thunderbolt and PCIe share storage solutions for various industries such as education, retail, hospitality, and enterprises etc. Accusys empowers partners to build RAID solutions with best cost-performance ratio, and enables end users to easily store and retrieve their data anytime. Accusys has thrived to lead the transformation of data storage and contribute to advancing storage technologies through its effort since 2000.


Over the last several years, end clients' demand for storage solutions has seen an upward trend, and Accusys has continued to grow with the development of storage technologies. In 2021 Accusys was working on a storage solution for a senior high school. In the initial stage, the company was looking for switches with 48x 10G ports, 2x 40G ports, and dual redundant power supplies. Accusys planned to install switches in one or two classrooms within half a year and migrate to up-to-date equipment in the long run. The company used Mellanox MCX311a NIC, and 40G ports were needed to connect to servers and RAID storage.

To err on the side of caution, Accusys hoped that their team could check the switch performance such as throughout and latency, and GUI before purchasing. In addition, the company considered building a 20G network through switches, but had no idea how to realize it.


Demo test before purchasing

After learning the company's requirement, FS sales team recommended S5850-48S6Q Fully Managed Plus Switch with 48x 10G SFP+ and 6x 40G QSFP+ ports. Plus, they have 1+1 hot-swappable power supply and 3+1 redundant fans, making them the perfect fit for Accusys. To meet the company's request, FS technical team had Accusys's team experience the switch through FS Test Demo service. They configured and managed S5850-48S6Q switch remotely to test the performance results, and checked the real-time interface of switch.

web interface

Free tech support after purchasing

Content with FS switches they purchased, Accusys further consulted FS technical team about building a 20G network. Our tech support team immediately arranged a remote tech support appointment at their convenience. The company used S5850-48S6Q switches. Server was Intel XL710-QDA1, and \r\nClient was X520-da2. The left side was FS monitor port and internet port, while the right side was 2 X520-da2 port and XL710 40G port. Proset (Intel ANS) was not Switch H/W. It was teaming S/W for X520-da2.

After careful examination, our technical team found that the LACP of our client's link was not successfully configured, which led to the failure to build a network. Through technical remote support, our tech team helped the company establish LACP at the sever's end and build the 20G network.

Customer Benefits

Through concerted efforts of FS sales team and technical team, Accusys successfully built the 20G network. The company thinks highly of S5850-48S6Q switches and FS sales and tech support, saying that they are a great help. They especially mentioned the switch was very easy to use, and the management interface looked simple and comfortable.

"Very good switch with comformatable GUI."
Boss, Accusys Korea

Our solutions have also proven to be cost-effective for the company. For example, our tech team responded instantly to the company's inquiries and recommended a switch model that best suited its needs, saving them additional time and cost. In addition, we assured the company of the quality of FS products before the purchase. Accusys believes that FS switches and free tech support have saved its team so much time that it would have required additional team members to accomplish the same results. Besides, the senior high school now can enjoy a smooth and reliable network delivered by Accusys and FS together.

The ease of use and cost and time savings that Accusys experienced have proven to be invaluable benefits for its team and overall business. Looking to the future, Accusys is confident that FS products and support teams will provide the support they need to tackle challenges in the future.

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