Posted on Jul 1, 2023
FS's consumer, a telecom operator in a certain remote township in the United States, needs to achieve network upgrade in townships to 100G to meet the increasing demands for data transmission. FS 100G optical modules solution helped this telecom operator complete the regional network upgrade, boost network transmission speed and supply more cost-effective, professional, and reliable network services to users.
  • Challenge 1
    The distant location of town sites leads to high deployment costs, and there is limited financial support.
  • Challenge 2
    Lack of network technology talents poses challenges in technical support, maintenance, and management.
  • Challenge 3
    The pleasant town environment requires consideration of environmental protection issues in network construction to avoid pollution.
  • Achieving Long-Distance Network Deployment, Cost-Effective Upgrades
    FS QSFP-ZR4-100G can meet long-distance transmission needs and by using them, network upgrades can be effectively realized without replacing existing fibers, by only adding transceivers. This can help townships complete network upgrades more economically and efficiently, improving network service coverage, quality, and promoting the township's economic development, and social progress.
  • Delivering Professional Technical Support and Service to Customers
    After the network is upgraded in townships, it needs to be managed, including network bandwidth allocation, and network security, which requires the assistance of professional management personnel. FS provides 24/7 online support, telephone support, and email support to ensure customers can receive timely responses and solutions. In addition, real-time monitoring of DDM parameters reduces customer maintenance and equipment management costs.
  • Building Eco-Friendly and Reliable Network Deployment for Towns
    FS's 100G optical modules are eco-friendly and reliable, as well as being able to adapt to different temperature environments without electromagnetic radiation, pollution, or noise and reducing electronic waste. Therefore, using FS's optical modules as terminal devices can successfully upgrade networks, bring new hope for upgrading the township's broadband network speeds, and become an important driving force for sustainable development.
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