Posted on Jun 21, 2023
As a prominent internet service provider with a global presence, the customer's primary focus is to provide comprehensive communication and data solutions to individual subscribers, enterprise customers, and government agencies. FS cloud data center solutions leverage virtualization technology to offer the customer a dynamic network architecture that enhances network utilization and scalability, while ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of data.
  • Challenge 1
    The customer wanted to launch new mobile communication packages and solutions quickly.
  • Challenge 2
    The customer attached great importance to data security and privacy protection.
  • Challenge 3
    The solution provided by FS was difficult for staff to realize network configuration and maintenance in a short period of time.
  • Enabling Business and IT Infrastructure Resource Pooling with VxLAN
    FS adopts distributed VxLAN networking technology at the network level, delivering a flexible network architecture that supports virtualized business scenarios and enhances flexibility and resource utilization. Moreover, FS switches provide an API interface enabling the customer to connect to the cloud platform through SDN controllers.
  • Ensuring User Privacy and Data Security
    FS solution employs VxLAN technology to isolate different tenants and services, creating separate virtual networks that prevent unauthorized access and information leakage. Additionally, FS Data Center Switch supports SSH encryption and authentication for secure data transmission, ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.
  • Customized Technical Training to Enhance O&M Efficiency
    FS engineers recommended switches with robust management protocols to simplify network configurations and reduce daily operation costs and time. Recognizing the complexity of cloud data center VXLAN solutions and the potential challenges faced by grassroots staff in implementing complex network configurations, FS technical team provided personalized one-on-one technical training through video conferences.
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