Posted on Jun 12, 2023
The client is a large, well-known technology company that specializes in producing high-performance electronic devices. Committed to technological innovation, the client has always been the industry leader, constantly introducing new products and technologies. The product portfolio includes computers, networking equipment, servers, embedded systems, mobile devices, and more. The client has its own R&D bases and data centers in many countries worldwide, with a total of more than 10,000 racks and over 20,000 square meters of server room space.
  • Challenge 1
    The client's network construction is interconnected between cabinets in the data center over a short distance. They hope FS to fully consider the device compatibility between different brands.
  • Challenge 2
    The client wants a smooth upgrade from 100G to 400G and to achieve a partial implementation to 400G while retaining the current 100G devices. Avoid frequent quality issues to minimize business interruptions and maintenance costs.
  • Challenge 3
    Data center products iterate quickly, and the client has upcoming new businesses, requiring partners to have strong supply chain support and stable delivery.
  • Real-device Testing, Compatibility Guaranteed
    The client had multi-brand devices in data centers and wanted to ensure compatibility and avoid future problems. FS testing team has set up a professional test scenario in the lab and conducted real-device testing, equipped with advanced testing tools to guarantee compatibility. FS modules are perfectly compatible with consistent standards and management methods, providing convenience in O&M and saving time and effort for the client.
  • Flexible & Efficient Deployment to Achieve Smooth Upgrades
    FS used 400G DR4 high-speed network connection. Modules support lengths up to 500m SMF with MTP/MPO-12 connectors. It could combine with 100G DR to a 100G-400G upgrade, or two modules can be interconnected to 400G-400G. It could achieve different topological structures. QDD-DR4-400G-Si adopts a DSP 7nm chip with an integrated EML driver to ensure low power. The product supports CMIS4.0, providing DDM to simplify O&M.
  • Global Warehouse, Worry-free Delivery
    FS has strategic warehouse localization, 8 language sites, and 17 local currency payment methods. By rapidly responding to VOC in the US, Europe, Australia, and Singapore, FS adapted to clients' preferences, enhancing their experience and satisfaction. Cooperation with international logistics and major local courier companies ensured transportation efficiency. Reliable service and fast delivery helps the client stay competitive and control costs.
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