Copaco NV Enjoyed Great Experiences with 16G Connectivity Solution

Updated on Jun 8, 2022


Copaco NV, 201-500 employees Privately Held, is a Benelux and French Information and Communication Technology (ICT) distributor dedicated to providing quality IT services to users. Copaco NV provides enterprise, intelligent and software solutions for logistics, technical and vendor support as well as computers, sound, servers and storage and networking projects. As the business expands, the company decided to apply a complete ring network architecture for 3 different distance data sites.

As to this situation, FS regenerates service signals through FS 25G OEO to ensure that data transmission between the three sites is completed within a certain power budget, and promotes efficient coordination within the company.


With the development of business, Copaco NV has established three data centers. And the three sites needed to achieve interconnection. However, the influence of power loss on network transmission needed to be considered first during the connection process. This problem with multi-site connectivity is also a challenge for most companies that are currently expanding their business.

Copaco NV is committed to providing users with more and better services. In order to facilitate later service expansion, Copaco NV also preferred scalable network transmission links in its link selection. Hence, FS data center team has designed and innovated data transmission solutions with scalability to help our customer complete data center interconnection.


Regarding the problems faced by Copaco NV, FS offered 2 solutions supporting services expansion based on professional analysis and test reports.

Copaco NV
  • Based on multi-site testing, service signal regeneration was performed at the AMS site by using FS 25G OEO, and then the optical signal was amplified by it to meet the loss requirements of the link. That made the 16G service signal not only suitable for Copaco NV service transmission but also unaffected the existing 100G and 10G services between adjacent sites. Six DWDM modules are needed to complete the connection between AMS1, AMS4, AMS5 in this solution.

The functional scheme of FS OEO is shown in the following figure.

Copaco NV topology
  • Surely, two 8G services can be replaced by a 16G service. Since 8G has 80km module with its power budget 23dB, which can meet the 14dB equipment loss caused by two pairs of MUX/DEMUX and the 7dB link loss on the link at both ends of AMS1, AMS4, AMS5. Even if the 8G power budget is insufficient due to subsequent installation or link, it also can be solved by placing OEO at the AMS4 site. This solution requires devices to support 8G service as well as a sufficient number of ports on the MUX/DEMUX to support it.

Customer Benefits

Save cable costs: Copaco NV uses 16-channel dual-fiber DWDM multiplexer to achieve consolidation of link resources and better cable cost savings.

Easy for future network expansion: The solutions reduce power loss through OEO amplifying the performance of signal, which not only ensures link stability but also supports future business expansion.

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