Cost-Effective Access Network Solution for New Offices


Building a cost-effective and future-proof office network is never an easy thing. The network requirements for the moment and the future should be considered at the same time when choosing the network devices like Ethernet switches. One of the FS customers was moving their HQ and requiring to set up a new office network in which multiple lines are needed.


As our customer required, there would be 240 endpoints and less than 20 VoIP phones in the office area, each with about 25W PoE power supply. A root switch was needed to connect them all. Furthermore, our customer considered voice channel critical, and voice and data should be on separate VLANs.


A 600W 48 port PoE switch is deployed in the network to meet the need to supply power for 19 VoIP phones at the same time. Also, this switch supports voice VLAN, which is available for the voice channels.

To support the 240 endpoints, five stackable S3900-48T4S switches are used. With 48 100/1000BASE-T ports and 4 10GE SFP+ ports, S3900-48T4S can provide high transmission speed and support stack up to six units, offering the customer the opportunity to expand their network in the future.

S5800-8TF12S switch provides 12 SFP+ ports, which meets the customer’s requirement to connect all the access switches. What's more, S5800-8TF12S and the six access switches in the access layer are all connected by using LACP, which can support rapid business recovery in case of a failure, improving the stability of the whole links.

Access Network Solution


In this solution, FS helps our customers build a robust network with LACP so that not only reliability and availability of the whole network are increased but higher bandwidth is delivered by the aggregated physical links.

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