Posted on Jul 15, 2023
Established in 2012, this Japanese fast-fashion e-commerce brand serves women worldwide. FS.com's WiFi 6 solution improves warehouse coverage and enables unified management of branch warehouses with FS Airware.
  • Challenge 1
    The presence of multiple shelves causes wireless signal interference, leading to network connectivity issues in certain aisle areas.
  • Challenge 2
    AGV carts and handheld barcode scanners frequently experience disconnection issues during their movement.
  • Challenge 3
    Poor connectivity of regional branch warehouses leads to decentralized management and difficulty in addressing equipment failures.
  • High-Coverage Access Points Eliminate Wireless Signal Blind Spots
    According to feedback from customers, weak signal strength and no internet connectivity in warehouse corners, hampering staff's work efficiency. FS solution team recommended AP-T567 and AP-N515 for high and low shelf areas. This combination of access points improves wireless coverage, enhances order processing speed, and provides stable signal transmission.
  • Seamless Roaming With AP/AC Combinations
    FS solution team resolved disconnection and efficiency issues for AGV and barcode scanners by adopting APs and wireless controllers for seamless roaming. AC-224AP centrally manages multiple APs, ensuring stable wireless connection and automatic switching during movement. This solution enhances the efficiency and reliability of the clothing warehousing system.
  • Intelligent FS Airware Guarantees Worry-Free Operations and Maintenance
    FS solution team's outstanding solution enables unified management and configuration of cross-regional branch warehouses. All wireless devices support centralized management via FS Airware cloud software, providing network visualization and troubleshooting features. This intelligent operations capability reduces manual troubleshooting time and costs for customers.
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