Cross-Border E-Commerce Achieves Fast Delivery with FS WIFI6 Solution


Established in 2012 and headquartered in Japan, it is a leading global fast-fashion e-commerce brand specializing in women's clothing. And it directly serves consumers in over 150 countries and regions worldwide. As a leader in the cross-border e-commerce industry, building a digital network-enabled intelligent warehouse and achieving centralized management and operations of multiple branches has become a pressing challenge for the customer.

Customer Needs & Challenges

  • The presence of multiple shelves caused wireless signal interference, leading to network connectivity issues in certain aisle areas.

  • AGV carts and handheld barcode scanners frequently experienced disconnections issues during their movement.

  • Lack of network connectivity between multiple regional branch warehouses resulted in decentralized management, making it difficult to promptly locate and address equipment failures.

The Solution

The FS WiFi6 solution utilizes high-performance wireless devices and the FS Airware cloud management software, which assists customers in building a digital warehouse.

High-Coverage Access Points Eliminate Wireless Signal Blind Spots

The customer hoped that the FS solution team can provide an optimal solution to improve the wireless coverage in the warehouse area. After analyzing the data provided by the customer, including the warehouse area, shelf height, and spacing between shelves, the FS solution team recommended using AP-T567 and AP-N515 for the high and low shelf areas, respectively. Both of these AP models support the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, providing high-speed and stable wireless signal transmission. The AP-T567, with its directional antenna technology, can achieve wireless signal coverage of up to 150m. On the other hand, the AP-N515 offers broad coverage and stable signal transmission characteristics. The combination of these two wireless access points significantly enhances the wireless coverage in the warehouse, enabling employees to scan goods information more quickly and accurately, thus greatly improving order processing speed.


Seamless Roaming with AP/AC Combinations

The FS solution team adopts the combination of APs and wireless controllers to achieve seamless roaming, effectively resolving problems such as network interruptions and data transmission errors.The AC-224AP can centrally manage multiple APs, enabling unified configuration and monitoring of the entire wireless network. With support for high-reliability wireless forwarding technology, it ensures that AGV carts and handheld barcode scanners can automatically switch between different wireless access points during movement while maintaining a stable wireless connection.


Intelligent FS Airware Guarantees Worry-Free Operations and Maintenance

The FS solution team helped the customer achieve unified management and operations of cross-regional branch warehouses. All wireless devices in this solution support centralized management and configuration through FS's self-developed FS Airware cloud management software. The FS Airware platform provides network visualization and cloud troubleshooting features, enabling network administrators at headquarters to monitor the real-time network status of all regional branch warehouses' wireless networks. In case of any failures, the cloud management platform collects all data reported by the cloud devices, extracting and aggregating information from periods, terminals, network metrics, traffic, and more. It visualizes the fault information, such as fault types, timestamps, and causes, providing accurate information for fault localization and assisting operations personnel in rapid analysis. This intelligent operations capability significantly reduces the time required for manual troubleshooting, saving customers a considerable amount of manual maintenance costs.


The Benefits

By adopting the FS clothing warehouse WiFi6 solution, the customer can significantly improve the stability and reliability of their wireless networks. This solution enables complete wireless signal coverage and seamless roaming, effectively enhancing employee productivity and the overall network experience. With the support of FS Airware, headquarters can easily manage various regional branch warehouses, simplifying warehouse network management and improving operational efficiency. This not only saves significant maintenance costs but also ensures the success of the wireless network in the warehousing environment, truly helping customers achieve their goals.

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